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Tear Jerker / Death Note (2017)

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  • After Light's father yells at Kira on TV, Light hugs his father when his father makes it home. Fairly sad, especially since Mia wanted to get rid of Light's father.
    • Poor Light even looks like he's about to burst out bawling as he hugs his father!
  • After Watari's disappearance, this drives L to confront Light personally. When Watari dies, L completely loses it and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • During the climax, Light and Mia plummet off a ferris wheel, but not before Light tries to pull a loophole on the Death Note after he wrote Mia's name on the Death Note. As the ferris wheel collapsed, Light was screaming to Ryuk to stop what he's doing. Gets even more sad when Light plummets right as Mia does. While Mia plummets to her death, Light appears to die when he falls in the water. Watching his father scream out for his son can be sad for some.
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  • For some, the offscreen death of Light's mother. The first time she's brought up is when Light goes to detention for copying test answers (with the principal ignoring the fact that Light was hit by Kenny) and the principal tells him that he doesn't believe in letting Light go off easy because his mother died. Even more tragic when you consider there are cases in real life where authoritative figures in schools still treat students poorly despite a death in their family.

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