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  • After the killing of the FBI agents, Light threatens to write Ryuk's name in the Death Note. Ryuk cheerfully says that he can try, but informs him that no human has ever gotten past the first two letters.
  • Light's dad pulling the same 'I dare you to kill me Kira' that L pulled. Only he did it without any sort of mask, with his name readily and publicly available. This gives L the break in the case he needs to uncover Kira's identity.
    Light: I'm so proud of you dad.
    • James Turner immediately slamming L into the table when he realized his son was a suspect.
    • And when he finds independent circumstantial evidence that L was right, he doesn't go into denial.
  • Mia gets her own when she gets her hands on the Death Note briefly.
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  • L's Roaring Rampage of Revenge after Light gets Watari killed. Plus, L surviving the film is one, and possibly even killing Light at the end following a "Eureka!" Moment he had just after it seemed like he was resoundingly defeated and discredited.
  • Light's first kill. When Ryuk explains he can decide how a person dies, he gets creative.
  • Light in general. Though not a prodigy like the original, he's still a genius and has far more integrity, willing to stick to his beliefs of only killing criminals, and researching the criminals beforehand to make sure he doesn't kill somebody on the say-so of an angry ex-girlfriend. He's also smart enough to discredit L and get the Kira investigation off his back.
  • The ending. Light outwits everyone, killing Mia, two rapists, keeping the Death Note, saving his own life, and revealing to his father, as well as the entire audience, that everything that was seen from the third act was a long game created by him, all to the sweet sound of "The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)". "Just as planned", indeed.
    "Dr. Norman Ludlam, known for sexually assaulting female patients under sedation. On the night of October 12th, Norman Ludlam is present at the pier when two individuals fall from the Northwest Ferris Wheel. He rescues the male suspect from the water and manages to revive him, saving his life. Using his connections at the hospital, Ludlam keeps the suspect in a medically-induced coma for two days. At the end of this period, he leaps to his death from the roof of the hospital.
    Aaron Peltz. Mailman, retired. Molested nearly a dozen children over the span of 20 years. Peltz retrieves the Death Note from the river on the night of October 12th. Each night, Peltz fills in the blanks in the notebook with the names of criminals who appear on the nightly news. On day two, he returns the Death Note to the Kira suspect, and then commits suicide.
    Mia Sutton is killed when she accepts the Death Note from her boyfriend. As the Northwest Ferris Wheel mysteriously collapses, she pulls the page with my name on it from the note, and it is ultimately consumed by fire. Although her boyfriend lands safely in the water, Mia strikes the shoreline, dying instantly.
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  • Watari becomes obsessed with delivering L's name to Kira. But once he actually has L's name, he stalls just long enough to die.
  • Ryuk destroying the Northwest Ferris Wheel.
    • Ryuk coming up with a way to decapitate a guy standing in an open field.
  • Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. Even the most ardent detractors of this adaptation praise and agree that he was the perfect casting choice for the Shinigami and are willing to watch it just for him.
  • L's dialogue when he confronts Light in the cafe - it perfectly sums up the whole contradiction in Light's philosophy and manages to break his facade entirely.
    L: Let me put this in terms you're more familiar with: A man kills four-hundred people, he tells us that it's complicated - that he's just misunderstood. Do you think that Kira would hear his excuses? Or do you think that he'd walk him off a bridge?

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