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Quotes / Death Note (2017)

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  • Ryuk: Shall we begin?
  • L: You're the one that flew into the sun. I'm just here to make sure you burn.
  • Mia: We can change the world.
  • Ryuk: You think I'm some dog, Light? You can just snap your fingers and I'll come running?
  • Light: It's like you said; sometimes, you gotta choose the lesser of the two evils.
    James: So, which one are you, son?
  • Ryuk: Humans are so interesting.
  • Ryuk: Rule 28: Each death must be physically possible. So, no shark attacks whilst someone's on the toilet, as much as I love that idea.
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  • Light: Okay, relax Light. You're asleep. You're asleep and you're... dreaming about some 8 foot tall demon-looking motherfucker.
  • L: Didn't I tell you what would happen if Watari wasn't safely returned to me?
  • Misa: I don't want to run away. Now give me my fucking book, Light.

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