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Funny / Death Note (2017)

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"Okay, relax Light. You're asleep. You're asleep and you're...dreaming of some 8 foot tall demon-looking motherfucker."
  • Light's I Shall Taunt You remarks to the bullies at the beginning of the film, including bringing up that because the primary bully, Kenny, has been held back and is legally an adult while Light isn't Kenny's actions are basically child abuse. Mia is not the only one laughing there.
  • While it leads to dark places Light's You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me moment when the school principal gets on his case about doing other students homework while Light has an ice-pack pressed to his face from being violently assaulted by Kenny.
  • Light screaming in alarm (pictured) when he first meets Ryuk, before hiding under the desk for safety, swearing the whole time. And then Ryuk blows the desk away.
  • James Turner's incredulous reaction to L publicly daring Kira to kill him.
    • And Light's reaction when Ryuk decides to fling another joke while he's on the phone during the scene.
    Ryuk: Hehehahaha, now I'm rootin' for this guy.
    Light: (looks back) Would you shut the fuck up?
    (Ryuk actually looks somewhat offended in the background)
  • In a case of Black Comedy, Light offering Mia popcorn and casually talking about the gruesome end they could arrange for someone who kills kids as if they're normal teenagers sitting down to watch a movie.
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  • Ryuk explains Rule 28 to Light, causing the latter to have a giggle fit:
    Ryuk: Rule 28: Each death must be physically possible. So, no shark attacks whilst someone's on the toilet, as much as I love that idea.
  • L wants to know if there's a breach in the Seattle police database. So he hacks into it himself and personally gives the evidence to James Turner.
  • The scene after school when Light thinks Ryuk murdered the FBI agents tailing him and Light calls his name.
    Ryuk: Do you think I'm some dog Light? Just snap your fingers and I'll come running?
  • Ryuk himself is just such a treat to listen to, especially considering he's voiced by Willem Dafoe.
  • When Light first reads Ryuk's name, he pronounces it "Rye-yuck". Cue Ryuk instantly appearing behind him to correct him.
    • Even better, Light then apologizes for the mispronunciation and Ryuk just sort of nods as if to say "Eh, it's a tricky name."
  • During the scene where James Turner first meets L, Watari hands the former an ice cream cone. It's James bewildered expression that pushes the scene from being narm to being legitimately funny.
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  • Ryuk complains when Light begins to grill him on the rules in the Death Note, especially the warning not to trust him. He doesn't get angry or defensive, he just gets exasperated like a bored little kid wanting to get on with the fun part.
  • The entire concept of the climax can be hilarious to some, take into account the manga/anime.
    "The police are hunting L, who's on a rampage with a gun trying to kill Light, who got manipulated by Misa into working with Ryuk!"

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