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Tear Jerker / Daft Punk

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  • Electroma. Mon Dieu, Electroma.
  • "Something About Us", especially when it plays during Interstella 5555 when Shep dies.
  • Paul Williams' vocals on "Touch" will break your heart. Especially the last few lines.
  • Also, "The Game of Love"... in a Narm Charm-y way.
  • "Emotion" can also be considered one.
  • The video for Instant Crush is just depressing. It's a love story between two MANNEQUINS, for crying out loud, but their ultimate fate is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.
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  • Once you get past the possible Nightmare Fuel, "Within" arguably qualifies.
  • The video for "Prime Time of Your Life" manages to be both tragic and completely horrifying, most especially when you realize what it's all about.


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