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Quarriors! is a 2011 Deckbuilding Game designed by WizKids. Instead of building buying Cards to build a Deck, players buy Dice to add to a Dice Bag. Players play the role of the titular Quarriors, as they gain spells and capture creatures from the Wilds, which is the central pile of cards with dice that acts as the market of purchasable Dice. The goal of the game it to become Champion via gaining Glory points. Glory points are primarily gained by readying Creatures for battle and having them survive until your next turn.

Players start with 8 Basic Quiddity Dice that only produce marginal amounts of Quiddity and 4 Assistant Dice that can produce Quiddity, but is also capable of allowing a reroll of another die, or being a summonable creature. Players use Quiddity to summon summon Creatures that they have rolled to their Ready Area, where they will attack opponent's opposing Creatures in an attempt to defeat them. Quiddity is also used to to purchase Dice from the "Wilds", which can be Spells, more summonable Creatures, or Basic Dice (which are always the same every game, more Assistants or Portal Dice).

Readied creatures will, on their players' turn, use their attack values to try to overcome their opponents' creatures defense values, to defeat them to deny the opponent Glory. On opponents' turns, the opponents' creatures will attack likewise. If A player's creatures survive to the beginning of the player's next turn, the monster is Scored, and leaves the Ready Area, their job complete. The first player to a set number of Glory Points wins.

This game received four expansions throughout its life cycle, plus one standalone installment that could also be used as an expansion for the original. The game was then succeeded by Dice Masters, which is both a Deckbuilding Game and a Collectible Card Game.

This Tabletop Game provides examples of:

  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Creatures that have been sent to the Ready area always attack all opponents.
  • The Corruption: Corrupted Quiddity, a basic card introduced in Rise of the Demons. They serve as wasted space in a player's dice bag. Many of the creatures from the base set also had corrupted variants, that could force a player to take Corrupted quiddity dice.
  • Defend Command: Mighty Witching Hag has the ability to reduce the attack of opposing creatures whose attack is greater than 3.
  • Draw Extra Cards: The primary purpose of the Portal dice. These dice have a 3/6 chance of allowing the player to draw two more dice, but a 1/6 dice of giving the player 1 Quiddity (the currency of the game) and a 2/6 chance of allowing the player to draw one more die (and since you used a die to do this, did effectively nothing).
  • Fragile Speedster: Scavinging Goblins are easy to summon creatures that provide positive effects when summoned, but are overall rather weak.
  • Magic Misfire: Downplayed. All spells have a decent chance of producing a failure. However, a failed spell still produces Quiddity that can be used to acquire more spells and creatures.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Death spell has a 1/3 change of allowing the player to instantly kill any monster level 2 or lower, and has a 1/6 chance of allowing the player to kill any monster of any level.
  • Luck Manipulation Mechanic: Some dice allow you to reroll a die if it lands on a Reroll face. They usually have an added effect on top of this.
  • Starter Equipment: Each player starts with 8 Basic Quiddity dice, and 4 Assistant Dice.
  • Starter Mon: The Assistants. Versatile, but weak.
  • Stone Wall: Defender of the Pale, whose attack will only sometimes barely defeat the basic Assistant dice, but have high Defense. The Questing Wizard is surprisingly bulky, as well.