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Everyone else loves The Other Troper!
Egregious Eric: I'm actually starting to hate him.

The Other Troper... You know them and love them. They are the troper who makes the most constructive edits, always pot holes correctly, has excellent spelling and grammar, and radiates a soft glow of purity into the wiki.

Contrast That Troper. This Troper is a red link to stop people using it in articles (something that The Other Troper wouldn't ever dream of doing, of course).

The Other Troper Facts:
  • They never post on Darth Wiki, Sugar Wiki, Headscratchers, or Wild Mass Guessing; they just clean those pages up. They only contribute to the main page and move YMMV tropes and trivia to the YMMV and Trivia page, respectively. They have never added to this page, but they tidy it up every once in a while. note 
    • Alternatively, they do occasionally post on Sugar Wiki and are a member of The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities.
    • Or they do post on Headscratchers, but always ask questions there, instead of complaining.
    • They do post on Wild Mass Guessing, but their theories are well researched, actually make sense, and they are respectful of differing theories.
  • They read the trope article, the laconic article, and every single example before posting their own example.
  • Their articles never get Cut Listed. They can be, however, a member of the staff.
  • They never misuse the term subversion or aversion.
  • They never use Wikipedia Formatting, because of one of three possible things: 1) They dislike Wikipedia, 2) They are very organised and always check their formatting, or 3) They do like (or at least are neutral about) Wikipedia, but they're still passionate about the idea that the two Wikis are different.
  • They never make a Justifying Edit.
  • They are a fan of their favorite works but don't shoehorn them into every trope.
  • They have the power of Wiki Magic.
  • When they get nominated for a Made of Win (which is often) they always share the credit where it is due. They also bake cookies and distribute them generously when other tropers get a Made Of Win nomination (naturally, the Made Of Win nominations they suggest are always impeccable).
  • They always clean up after That Troper.
  • They were the one that launched the page on that obscure work you thought only you had heard of.
  • Their mileage never varies.
  • They're practically perfect in every way.
  • They never post examples using a certain hooded, kidnapping fellow.
  • They understand that every genre has its own merits, and enjoy a good sci-fi novel or western-animated cartoon as much as they enjoy Literary Fiction or anime.
  • They understand how to analyze works properly and they don't use the People Sit on Chairs-like tropes whenever they type up a page for a work.
  • They don't delete tropes that are obvious to the characters.
  • Whenever you put an example that isn't actually correct, they tell you nicely why it isn't an example without being snarky and rude.
  • They insist on putting examples in ABC order or by characters and seasons to make sure tropers are able to locate the examples faster.
  • They know the best memes and when it's appropriate to use them.
  • Their's over NINE THOUSAAANDDD!
  • They participate in trope cleanups but are careful enough to analyze each and every example to see if it fits the trope before deciding whether or not to delete it, even if unfamiliar with the work.
  • They always find a balance between posting a Wall of Text example and a Zero-Context Example.
  • They always explain why they dehatted or tagged a YKTTW.
  • They only add to a page when something is missing, and never just for the sake of it.
  • They contributed the most money to the TV Tropes Revitalization Project.
  • They never do Linking to an Article Within the Article.
  • They know that Brevity Is Wit.
  • They don't insult other users on the forums.
  • They don't use Logical Fallacies.
  • They know that Tropes Are Tools and that (most of them) are neither good nor bad.
  • They don't complain about works they dislike, or about people not liking their favourite works.
  • They don't bash you over liking something that they hate.

Alternative Title(s): This Troper, That Troper