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  • James's very name is full of references, in the Archive of Our Own version.
    James Emile Cipher Drew Dimentio Prodigy.
    Interestingly, aside from Emile, all of these have to do with supernatural books in some way or another.
    James Prodigy is the main parts of his name. He also just so happens to be the owner of the Book of Iwata.
    Bill Cipher is the muse of Stanford Pines, who wrote the three supernatural Journals of his series.
    Joey Drew is the author of Illusion of Living, a book of bringing cartoons to life.
    Theories float about that Dimentio is the author of the Dark Prognosticus, a book capable of summoning a world ending void.
  • The Book of Iwata is a reference to Satoru Iwata.
  • According to the official timeline, James was gone for two weeks and returned in ink and white dust.

    Uncommon Sense 

  • Undertale. Lots of Undertale.
    • Outright Lampshaded in Behind The Scenes (Chapter 8), where Flowey, and DETERMINATION are both stated, followed by...
    All Undertale jokes aside, I'm determined to finish this chapter. Okay, okay, I'll really stop.
    • He doesn't stop. Later down the line in the same chapter, it is stated he is humming Gaster's Theme
    • In the tour of Smash Mansion, he gets distracted, thinking about TV shows that seem to closely resemble Mettaton's - quiz show, cooking class, news reports, musicals, and a grand finale he hasn't seen yet.
      • More subtle, but his left eye shining brighter than his right when he gets pissed seems to match Sans.
    • In The Pie Is A Lie, James and Reflet make a butterscotch-cinnamon pie.

  • The 39 Clues, of all series. This is very subtle, but a quote from Day of Doom appears, altered a tiny bit.
    It will all begin. And end. Spectacularly. -Damien Vesper in Day of Doom.
    And in a few seconds, it would all begin. [...] And end. [...] Spectacularly. -The version used in Uncommon Sense.

  • Portal. The chapter name for one of the chapters is titled The Pie Is A Lie, a blatant nod to Portal's (in)famous the cake is a lie.

  • The Tale Of Two Cities. Yes. The chapter A Tale Of Two Tacticians begins with an excerpt of the first paragraph, parodied to be Smash Bros. styled, followed by being Lampshaded.
    Okay, okay. Enough Tale Of Two Cities paraphrasing, let's get on with it. '''-after the parodied paragraph.

  • Misfile. Master Hand states that James reminds him of Ash Upton, from this series.

  • There is also a reference to Snow White. The little rhymes in the summary, cipher, and story content of chapter 14, Murder Murder, seem slightly based off Snow White's 'mirror, mirror' rhyme.
    Mirror, mirror, on the wall.-Snow White version
    Murder, murder, on the wall.-Uncommon Sense, chapter 14

  • A second Chuggaaconroy reference in Mewtwo Strikes Back. Mewtwo says the phrase To come wel Soonmide, the title of Chuggaaconroy's Moonside episode.


    Hall of Origin 

  • James' description of barriers like the one keeping Giratina in makes it sound like very similar barrier is locking monsterkind underground.
  • Erujiku And The Rising Spell is full of shout outs.
    • Bendy and the Ink Machine reference. A few, actually.
      • The page on summoning demons is page 210, which matches the release date of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter One's release date.
      • It was also 2 days, 17 hours, and 17 minutes before Erujiku snapped, a second reference to the release date (2/10/17)
      • James mutters something about Bendy and ink, although it was misheard by others.
        The ground bubbled in a manner similar to ink bubbling. James muttered something about bending ink,
      • Finally, it is hinted that James believes Erujiku holds Bendy's spirit, due to certain quotes and scenes from the demon and James.
        Erujiku suddenly raised his hand, and Giratina was suddenly trapped as black chains of ink and magic formed,
        Or he wasn't drawing inky lines on Giratina like a coroner.
        Erujiku fell to the ground, melting into ink. "Ciao, Bendy." James said,
        This final quote could be James just guessing, but it isn't likely.
    • Erujiku also holds a reference to Sebastian from Black Butler, being remarkably similar in appearance. This is Lampshaded by James thinking the demon's name is Sebestian - not Erujiku, like it turns out to be.
  • The mentioned pages that Diancie reads with very little description in Studying are summed in two to four words. This one line has five references.
    • These same pages are called back in Came Back Fast And Furious.
  • The sixth chapter is called... Came Back Fast And Furious.


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