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A TRS thread has declared that phone booths by themselves is not tropeworthy.

This is to house examples that can be used for tropeable concepts.

Phone Booths as Portal Doors

Anonymous pay phone call

Anonymous Public Phone Call

As a changing room

Phone Booth Changing Room

Used as a trap

Films — Live-Action
  • In The Cannonball Run, Arthur J. Foyt is trapped inside a phone booth by a vehicle that has backed itself in front of the door and couldn't get himself out. He tries to slide underneath the opening at the bottom of the booth, but apparently gets stuck.
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  • The movie Phone Booth has its somewhat Jerkass main character trapped in a phone booth by a sniper.
Video Games
  • Escape the Phone Booth, a flash puzzle game where you wake trapped inside a phone booth. You have to try finding your way out with what few items you have on you or can find.
  • Inunaki Tunnel: After solving the clock puzzle, the Player Character comes across an old phone booth. You can enter it to answer the phone, but you'll be stuck in it for a short period of time.
Web Comics


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