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Headscratchers / Phone Booth

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  • "I'd have to be 50 to be in that war!". Why can't he be 50? He's 46 at the time of this entry. Does he sound any different from how he did back then?
    • Because he wasn't 50 at the time, and would have to be over 60 today to have served in Vietnam.
    • Or he could just be messing with Stu's head.

  • Isn't Stu right about how the bullets from the rifle that killed Leon couldn't match a handgun bullet? I mean, wouldn't it be possible for a ballistics team too easily make the distinction that they aren't the same kind of bullet? Or, when bullets hit a target do they completely ruined beyond recognition?
    • Potentially but from appearances the Caller is using hollow point bullets which fragment on impact making them exceedingly dangerous as they fill the area around the wound with deadly shrapnel. They make hollow point bullets for both handguns and rifles so figuring out which with stray chunks of bullet would be tricky at best.
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    • In the time it would take to do ballistics Stu would still have gone to prison for a short time on suspicion of committing murder, and the Caller would have escaped. That's assuming too that the round didn't deform beyond recognition or fragment, making ballistics comparisons difficult.
    • Actually, Stu would have been quickly cleared for the simple reason that he would not have had any gunshot residue on him.

  • Stu's reason for using a phone booth to speak to Pamela doesn't quite hold up; his wife may check his cell phone logs, but it's perfectly legitimate for a publicist to be speaking regularly with a client.

  • The hookers freak out after thinking Stu shot Leon, which is odd as Stu had been assaulted by a larger man with a baseball bat. Even if Stu had been the shooter it is odd they would be surprised someone defended themselves.

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