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  • Stu's two interactions with Felicia.
    Felicia: Get done in there. Gotta hit this trick spot before the next bitch take my score.
    Stu: Look, go away!
    Felicia: Go away? Hang up the fuckin' phone, nigga!
    (Stu gives Felicia an offended look)
    Felicia: This motherfucker. You don't eyeball me! (kicks booth) Bitch! (walks away)

    Felicia: (injures her hand by banging on the booth door, trying to get Stu out) God damn it, man! You gone made me hurt my dick hand.
    Stu: Ooooh! I'm sure you're just as good with the other hand.
    (The Caller starts laughing)
    Stu: Go away!
    Felicia: I'll be back, bitch! (to a cyclist) Get out of my way!
    The Caller: I was worried for you there, Stu. I thought she was going to poke an eye out with that... that hand.
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  • The police ask Stu who he's talking to on the phone. The shooter says he'll kill Stu if he says. Stu blurts out that it's his psychiatrist, which even The Caller had to admit is clever.
  • The Caller pretends to be driven into a Villainous Breakdown by Stu refusing to talk to him, before he's unable to keep from bursting out laughing anymore. Keifer Sutherland's velvet voice doing full-on Inelegant Blubbering is priceless.

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