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Roleplay / Edge Of The Multiverse

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Edge of the Multiverse is a Forum RPG started in November 2012 by Flanker66. A Spiritual Successor of sorts to TheMassiveMultifandomRPG, it follows the same basic premise; various characters from different dimensions and realities wake up one day to find themselves in a mysterious place known only as "The City", with no idea how they got there or how to get back. All they know is that a massive tower dominates the patchwork skyline, and that strange phenomena called "Trials" frequently wrack the place, causing anything and everything from turning the people into toys or turning the City itself into a jungle. Supposedly reaching the tower will allow them to escape, but it will not be easy...


The game has a number of associated threads, including the sign-up thread, the discussion thread, and the game thread itself.

Edge Of The Multiverse has the following tropes