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Resident Evil: Corrupted Chronicles is a Play-by-Post Game hosted on Spacebattles Dot Com. It takes place in the Resident Evil universe, specifically during the timeframe of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Players take on roles ranging from U.B.C.S. and police forces trying to restore order, civilians trying to stay alive, and B.O.W.s that seek to be free.

The initial roleplay lasted for six months before fizzling out due to lack of player involvement. A reboot was started in early 2020, but it too seems to have died.


Original Thread. Reboot.

Tropes found in both verions:

  • Adaptation Expansion: The RP starting point is September 23, 1998, the Day Things Went To Hell - something that has not been examined in detail in any canon part of the Resident Evil franchise.
  • Just Before the End: The very first posts in both threads set up that the story starts literally minutes before the outbreak goes out of control, and the posts directly following them emphasize this - many characters don't even know that something is wrong until the zombies start attacking.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: Zigzagged - characters switch between calling T-Virus infected Zombies or 'Zeds' depending on the situation.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: The reason that Nemesis is not listed among the threats the characters might face - Nemesis was instructed to hunt down the S.T.A.R.S. and only the S.T.A.R.S., meaning he's unlikely to fight any of the players unless they deliberately provoke the heavily armed tyrant into attacking them.
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  • Sympathetic P.O.V.: Several players are B.O.W.s, but their posts make it clear that these ones aren't really interested in killing people, with some even teaming up with the human survivors. These creatures only want to be free of Umbrella's influence.
  • Zombie Infectee: A few characters are infected with strains of the T-Virus. This doesn't impair them that much, and for the sake of the players, these strains won't kill them and cannot be passed to other characters.


Tropes exclusive to the first version:

  • Put on a Bus: Atrox vanishes from the story completely after breaking out of containment.
  • Shout-Out: The circumstances behind the creation of Atrox (a dinosaur resurrected by the T-Virus for military applications) are ones to Jurassic World. Appearance-wise, it's a cross between the Indoraptor and the Algol.

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