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  • Goosebumps: The monsters chase a vehicle with explosives as the humans drive a vehicle without explosives.
  • Rango: Priscilla says "Strangers don't last long here" to Rango.
  • Son of Batman: Robin impales Deathstroke with a grapple hook.
  • The scene where Van Helsing cradles Anna's lifeless body and cries out after killing her accidentally is very reminiscent to X-Men: The Last Stand where Wolverine (also played by Hugh Jackman) clutches Jean Grey's body after she begs him to kill her.

Video Games

  • Conker: Live & Reloaded: Conker dresses up as Van Helsing for the Spooky chapter. Since the remake was made a year after the film came out and the original game was made in 2001, the change was necessary.

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