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  • The fact that this version of Dr. Frankenstein wasn't an evil man and had taken it upon himself to try protect his creation from Dracula, treating him sort of like a son. Makes his ultimate fate all the sadder though...
    Dr. Frankenstein: I could never allow him to be used for such evil.
    Dracula: I could. In fact, my brides are insisting upon it.
    • Similarly, his creation holds no animosity toward him. He's distraught when Dracula kills him, and even refers to him as his father when talking to Anna and Helsing.
  • A brief one for the villains; after losing Marishka, Dracula decides to press ahead with his plans to awaken his children. Aleera and Verona beg him not to, insisting they can't go through the heartbreak of losing their offspring again if it fails. Dracula, in something of a bad mood, angrily lets loose a demonic roar at them, causing the pair to retreat wailing in fright, at which point Dracula seems to realise he may have gone too far and gently enfolds the pair in his arms in something of an apology.
    Dracula: Come. Do not fear me. Everybody else fears me. Not my brides.
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  • Van Helsing refuses to kill Frankenstein's creation.
    Van Helsing: My work - my job, is to vanquish Evil. I can sense Evil. This thing... Evil may have created it, left its mark on it, but Evil does not rule it, so I cannot kill it.
    Anna: I can. *raises pistol*
    Van Helsing: *puts pistol down* Not while I'm here.

  • Verona holding one of her babies in her hand for a moment in an otherwise horrifying scene, she is just as happy as any mother seeing her child come to her.

  • Carl deciding to go against his orders from Rome to destroy Frankenstein's Monster when it is hanging off a cliff, about to fall, recognising the creature has twice saved his life and deserves a chance.
    Frankenstein's Monster: Help me!
    Carl: But you're supposed to die!
    Frankenstein's Monster: I want to live!
    Carl: Alright! Hang on, I'll swing you loose!
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  • Frankenstein's creature's look when Anna thanks him, after he saved her from one of the brides. For someone who has only been treated like a monster or a tool in his life, that thanks meant everything to him, even making him more determined to help the heroes against Dracula.
  • Future Tear Jerker for all it's worth, but when Van Helsing kissed Anna before they went their separate ways.
  • The village woman Carl saves giving him a big hug of thanks after he saves her from one of the vampire children.
  • Velkan and Anna’s protectiveness Of each other during the werewolf hunt.
  • The Cardinal is kind of a jerk to Van Helsing, but he does show a great deal of sympathy and gratitude towards the Valeriois family and a determination to save them from being condemned to Purgatory.
  • Frankenstein’s monster being willing to sacrifice itself to keep from being used by Dracula.
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  • Van Helsing declaring that Frankenstein’s monster isn’t evil and refusing to kill him.
  • "Written by Stephen Sommers... memory of my dad."


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