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Because it's a well-known book and a lot of people like Toilet Humour, Everyone Poops has been referenced in a few different works.

Fan Works

Web Comics

  • In The Petri Dish, Dr. Thaddeus Euphemism (a bumbling scientist) accidentally creates a zombie. When the zombie is on the toilet, Thaddeus says, (probably because it's a male zombie sitting) "Huh... that children's book is right. Everybody poops...".

Web Original

  • Some examples from This Very Wiki:
    • The intro to Nobody Poops is "You know that children's book, Everyone Poops? Well, they lied. Not everyone does."
    • The intro to Urine Trouble begins with "Everybody poops. Everybody pees, too."

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: In "Lost Verizon", Bart gets a hold of Denis Leary's cellphone and tricks his agent into signing him on to star in a movie version of Everybody Poops.
  • Family Guy: In "Pete TV"'s "Fellas at the Freakin' FCC" song, Stewie holds up the book, saying the title to rhyme with Peter and Brians "oops" words.


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