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Film - Animated

  • Toy Story: Woody rotates his head as part of his plan to scare Sid.
    "We toys can see eeeeeveryyyyythiiiiing."

Film - Live Action

  • Beetlejuice: The titular demon says "I've seen The Exorcist 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!"
  • The Brady Bunch Movie: Jan's demonic inner voice shouts "Watch my head spin!"
  • Trainspotting: The hallucination of a baby crawling on the ceiling and turning its head around.
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  • Stay Tuned: One of the cable channels from Hell features an exercise program called The Exorcisist where the instructor tells the audience to twist their heads.
  • Repossessed, starring Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair Adam Westing.
  • The 1983 Hudson Brothers comedy vehicle Hysterical has an exorcism scene which mocks the one in The Exorcist.

Live-Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: On the third season episode "Lovers Walk", Buffy tells Giles that when she showed her mother her (unexpectedly) high SAT scores, her mother's head spun around and exploded.
    Giles: I-I've been on the Hellmouth too long. That was metaphorical, yes?
    Buffy: Yes. She was happy.
  • On the Cooking Show (yes, you read that correctly) Good Eats, a child psychologist is unable to get a child named Stevie to finish his peas. (Stevie has been sitting at the table for days, because his parents told him that he couldn't leave until he finished them.) Alton is called in (complete with a "Tubular Bells"-like rendition of the show's theme song) to help out, and shows Stevie that peas can be delicious if properly prepared (which his parents have failed to do, because the only way they know how to cook them is to boil the living heck out of them, just as their parents did before them). Alton makes split-pea soup, a burger made of pressed split-pea paste, and a pea salad with cheese cubes. Stevie expresses his approval by turning his head 180 degrees. (His parents don't find this unusual.)

Professional Wrestling

Puppet Shows

  • Much of the plot of the Dinosaurs episode, "Terrible Twos" is a spoof of the film. When Baby Sinclair goes through the "terrible twos", he turns into an emotional, bratty, raging monster with the ability to move objects across the room, spew steam from his mouth, turn his head around 180°, and speaks in a rough, gravelly voice. The Sinclairs ultimately recruit the help of The Babysitter, who is tasked with returning their child to normal.

Western Animation


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