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Recap / The Simpsons S17 E5 "Marge's Son Poisoning"

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Bart fears his spending time with Marge will make him a mama's boy; Homer gets into arm wrestling.


  • Coordinated Clothes: Several people wear matching outfits for singing during a karaoke night at school.
    • Marge and Bart wear light violet outfits for their duo. Marge starts to feel uneasy because she realizes it's a bit too much.
      Bart: You know, Mother, I wasn't sure about tonight. But seeing us dressed the same really feels right.
      Marge: Well, now I'm not so sure about the bells on the painters pants.
      Bart: Are you kidding? I love my tinklies!
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    • Agnes and Seymour Skinner both wear white outfits with black notes print. They sing "Ebony and Ivory".
    • Kerney, Jimbo and Dolph dressed alike for their performance — they all wear white shirts, blue sweaters and light-colored pants.
  • Lies to Children: When the tea house is closed due to rats, Marge simply tells Bart “She died.”.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Bart once he realizes how much he hurt his mother's feelings by refusing to keep doing things with her. She later has a similar feeling upon fearing she's turning him into the mama's boy Principal Skinner is.
  • Oblivious to His Own Description / Comically Missing the Point: When Marge points to Skinner indicating what she doesn’t want him to become, he replies with “What, a wall?”
  • Tempting Fate: Once Homer drives a bumper car into the street, Marge is reassured he can't go far without being connected to any power source. The car's metal rod then hits an electrical cable.

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