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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 4 E 8 Rite Of Passage

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The Control Voice: Throughout history man has been driven to seek out his origins to determine whether he's the result of a divine plan or merely the sum of all his yesterdays. But what happens if, at the end of his search, he should discover he's neither?

An alien called "Mother" raises a group of humans in a commune in the woods. A couple rebels when "Mother" confiscates their baby.

The Control Voice: Every life is a destination unknown, a journey of tragedies and triumphs that ultimately allows us to discover not only our world, but more importantly, ourselves.

Tropes Of Passage:

  • Depopulation Bomb: Humanity was wiped out centuries ago through unknown means. The Vorak discovered Earth sometime later and used their genetic expertise to recreate humanity using the samples left behind on skeletons.
  • Humanity's Wake: The Vorak discovered Earth after humanity was wiped out and recreate the original inhabitants using DNA samples found on skeletons.
  • Mama Bear: Shal is a perfectly ordinary human who has convinced her baby's father to help her rebel against their alien caretakers after their baby is confiscated. The aliens did that because they felt that they were better equipped to care for it. After realizing that it is no excuse for separating a mother from her child, they apologize and return the baby.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Dog: There is a Labrador in the commune which, contrary to Mother's theory, cannot receive telepathic commands.
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  • Ruins of the Modern Age: Shal and Brav come across the ruins of an underground carpark which is littered with skeletons.
  • Shock Collar: The Vorak put shock wristbands on the humans they were raising to prevent them from trying to leave their enclosure. It wasn't due to malice; the woods were full of dangerous creatures.

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