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Recap / The Office USS 7 E 1 Nepotism

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Michael upsets the office when he ignores their pleas to fire office assistant Luke, Michael's immature nephew. Pam's attempt to prank Dwight backfires when Kevin's faulty rewiring of an elevator strands the two together. Andy grows even more upset with Gabe and Erin's relationship.

Episode Tropes:

  • Jerkass: Luke is lazy, immature, disrespectful, and does not give a shit about his job or uncle.
  • Reality Ensues: Michael eventually gets tired of Luke's behavior and is driven to spank him. While this drives Luke out and makes the others happy, Michael technically committed assault on an employee and is ordered to undergo counseling with Toby.
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  • Sadistic Choice: Either Michael can take the counseling with Toby, or he's fired. Really, the whole reason this goes under this trope is because of Michael's hatred for Toby.
  • Shout-Out: The cold opening is a lip dub video of the office doing a one shot music video of The Human Beinz's "Nobody But Me". note 
  • Time Skip: The season starts up right after the summer of 2010. Over the summer, Dwight has gained ownership of the office building and Erin has broken up with Andy to date Gabe.


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