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Recap / Peg + Cat S1E26 "The Halloween Problem"

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It's Halloween, and Mac is driving his car at night. He drives over a pothole and then checks his trailer, which is carrying four tigers. He remembers there being an extra one and sees that the door came open and hopes that there isn't an escaped tiger, especially not on the already-kind-of-scary occasion of Halloween.

Peg is wearing a pumpkin mask and Cat is wearing a skull mask. She introduces herself as "Jack-o-Lantern" and Cat as "Sammy the Skeleton". Richard replies, "No you're not! You're Peg and Cat being silly on Halloween!". They then reveal that Richard is visiting Earth for his first Halloween and he says, "I'm so excited I could cry!". Cat misses the point and says that there is no reason to cry on Halloween because you get treats. Richard worries that one person will get more treats than another, but Peg reassures him that that won't happen because they'll divide their treats equally. Peg then reveals that she will trick-or-treat as a mailbox and Cat as a fire hydrant, then they take out the dress-up box so that Richard can decide what to be. However, Richard rejects their suggestions, then gets worried that he'll never be able to decide. He soon perks up, though, and tells Peg and Cat to wait outside while he creates a costume that will impress and possibly even scare them.


When Peg and Cat leave, Richard considers using some gag glasses, but decides that would be too predictable, so he decides to use some tin cans instead. While waiting for Richard, Peg and Cat find the lost tiger, who they think is Richard dressed up. They try to sing "Problem Solved", but the tiger roars. Peg and Cat try to do tiger-like roars of their own, then Peg hands the tiger Richard's candy bag.

They leave to trick-or-treat, but hear Richard's tin cans clanking behind them. Not knowing what it is, they run and hide behind a bush. The tiger growls and Peg thinks Richard is frustrated and agrees because it would be disappointing spending the entire Halloween night behind a bush. She holds Cat up and he doesn't see any monster, so they run away and begin trick-or-treating.

Their first stop is at Viv's house, who's dressed as a witch and gives them pretzels, which they divide up and then they walk off singing. They see Richard, but because he's so covered up in tin cans, they think he's the "metal monster" they heard earlier, so they decide to sneak up behind him. They end up in front of him and run away. Cat slips on a bag of pretzels, so the tiger gives him a ride. They stop at Connie's house, who really is dressed as a tiger. The tiger runs into her house, followed by Peg and Cat. Then, Richard, who they still think is a monster, arrives. Connie gives Peg, Cat, and the tiger chocolate bars. Peg shares them equally and offers some to the "monster" so that he'll leave them alone. After that, Peg, Cat, and the tiger go out of the house, while Richard climbs up to Connie's attic.


Peg tells "Richard" to stop roaring and start counting his treats, when the real Richard falls down next to them. Peg asks, "Who are you?!" and Richard rolls out of his costume and says, "You know I'm Richard, silly." Peg and Cat, however, still think that the tiger is Richard and they think Richard is someone in a "Richard costume". Even when Cat fails to pull it off, he just thinks it's very tight. However, when Peg can't pull the skin off the tiger, they start to realise that Richard really is the real Richard and the tiger really is a tiger. They run up a tree, but accidentally leave their trick-or-treat bags on the ground. Peg freaks out in the tree, but this time it's Richard who suggests counting backwards. Due to being in a bad mood himself (although not freaking out), he decides to join in. Peg has her moment of inspiration when Cat scratches his behind, prompting her to run behind the tiger.


She gets the bags, but is startled into dropping them and jumping up into the tree, leaving her, Richard, and Cat stuck. Mac arrives, telling the tiger to "pipe down". Peg asks Mac if he knows the tiger, and Mac replies that he does and that the tiger is a circus tiger. Peg asks if the tiger can trick-or-treat before going to the circus and Mac agrees to it as long as he can come along too to keep an eye on the tiger. Richard then puts his costume back on. Then, everyone sings about the events of the episode and sharing the treats.

This episode provides examples of...

  • Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal:
    • The tigers all wear hats.
    • The blue-striped bird is seen dressed as a wolf.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Despite being an alien, Richard speaks English perfectly.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Richard says, "I've got a big problem!", which is usually Peg's line. He also mentions counting backwards, which is usually Peg's job.
  • Character Tics: Played with. Peg does her usual nervous flailing of arms, although the first two times, she does so while not "totally freaking out" as opposed to her usual behaviour. The second time, Richard does it too.
  • Evil Laugh: Richard says, "Muahaha!" when he thinks of scaring Peg and Cat.
  • Faux Horrific: During the song, Peg says that she's no longer scared of monsters or tigers, but is scared of the possibility of unequal treat sharing.
  • Halloween Episode: As the title suggests, this episode takes place on Halloween.
  • The Klutz: Cat's clumsiness comes to light when he trips on a bag of pretzels.
  • Mistaken Identity: Peg and Cat mistake a tiger for Richard.
  • Mistaken for Undead:
    • Downplayed in the theme tune when Peg wonders if Ramone in his ghost costume is a real ghost.
    • Played straight when the Teens mistake Ramone in his ghost costume for a real ghost during the song at the end.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: The tiger interrupts the "Problem Solved" song by roaring.
  • No Name Given: The blue-striped bird and the tigers don't have names.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Inverted. Peg is a girl and wears blue, while Richard is a pink, male alien.
  • Snark Ball: Cat actually says, "Yeah, right" in a PBS Kids show.
  • Speech-Impaired Animal: The tiger mainly acts (and roars) like a normal one, but he says, "Awesome" (albeit with a speech impediment) during the "Problem Solved" song.
  • Tears of Joy: Discussed when Richard says he is so excited he could cry.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Mac says he hopes the fifth tiger hasn't escaped. He has.
    • The Teens say that nothing can scare them on Halloween. They are then scared by Ramone in his ghost suit.
  • Toilet Humour: Cat scratches his behind, which inspires Peg to run behind the tiger. Richard says, "Great minds, great behinds".
  • Variations On A Theme Tune: Downplayed. The theme tune is pretty much normal, and the addition of the jack-o-lanterns and Viv and Ramone in Halloween costumes is not abnormal as the opening animation changes every episode, but this episode has a slight lyric change: On the first "We're Peg plus...", Cat says, "Ghost?!" instead of his name because he saw Ramone dressed as one.
  • Wolves Always Howl at the Moon: The blue-striped bird howls at the moon while dressed as a wolf.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Tessa, with her purple hair, briefly appears.


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