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Recap / My Gym Partners A Monkey S 4 E 7 The Notorious Windsor Gorilla

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Windsor becomes famous, for a beautiful painting Adam made of him.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame: Windsor becomes a world famous celebrity for 11 minutes.
  • All Just a Dream: This whole episode was Windsor's dream. Actually, Windsor's dream was inside of Jake's dream.
  • An Aesop: Don't let fame go to your head.
  • Big Anime Eyes: Adam's painting of Windsor, depicted him with giant, bulging, puppy dog eyes.
  • Big Eater: Animals eat artwork.
    Mr. Orangutan: Aw, who put mayonnaise on this painting!? Darn kids are trying to kill me.
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  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Windsor gets his own TV show on Cartoon Network called "My Gym Partner's a Gorilla".
    Jake: I don't like this one bit.
  • Continuity Drift: Principal Pixiefrog says there's never been an art class in CDMS, despite earlier seasons showing Miss Loon teaching art classes, ("Shiny Thing", "Guano in 60 Seconds", and "Flesh Fur Fantasy").
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Captain Corporate.
  • George Jetson Job Security: Mrs. Tusk gets fired and hired over the course of this episode.
  • Hidden Depths: Adam appreciates art, and is an excellent painter.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Adam was ignored by Captain Corporate and Carla Farulo, when he tried to take credit for creating the famous portrait of Windsor Gorilla.
  • Shout-Out: The style of Adam's painting emulates the style of American artist, Margaret Keane.
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  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Windsor steals Adam's spotlight, by being the one getting all the glory for a painting he made, just because he was the subject of it.

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