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Recap / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers S3E16 I'm Dreaming of a White

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Evil Space Humbug Lord Zedd plots to turn Christmas to his advantage! He sends Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas to the North Pole, in order to hijack Santa Claus' workshop and force him and his elves to only manufacture a toy that will brainwash the world's children. The Power Rangers are Santa's only hope, but thanks to the magical properties of the North Pole, they're powerless there! Can our heroes get resourceful in time to save the holiday?



  • Almost Kiss: Tommy catches Kimberley under the mistletoe, they lean in... and their communicator goes off!
  • Ambiguously Jewish: Lord Zedd. Here he tries to usurp Christmas with spinning tops.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: While arguing with Rita, Zedd looks at the audience and asks, "Did I mention I hate this time of year?!"
  • Brought Down to Normal: Something about the North Pole keeps the Rangers from morphing, but it also affects Goldar and Rito's powers, as well.
  • Christmas Episode: Of course.
  • Continuity Snarl: The original video release of this episode included a scene of Kat wishing the other Rangers happy holidays on the Viewing Globe. Given that she only became an ally of the Rangers during the forthcoming three-parter that ends with Kimberly leaving, this scene was omitted when the episode aired on TV. However, the Kat version can easily take place before the final scene in "A Different Shade of Pink, Part III", since Kimberly spends possibly weeks or months training for the Pan Global Games.
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  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Rito's evil, but he still gives his buddy Goldar a Christmas present.
  • Mall Santa: Well, Juice Bar Santa. Bulk gets roped into playing the role, while Skull plays reindeer. Bulk isn't happy, but he's touched when Becky thanks him for making her Christmas a happy one.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: A snowball fight helps the Rangers get the better of Goldar and Rito. The elves also use marbles to trip up the Tengas.
  • Tears of Joy: Skull is brought to tears over Becky thanking Santa (Bulk) for making her Christmas wish come true and kissing him on the cheek.
  • Troll: Santa does give the villains some toys, just toys they had previously thrown out themselves.

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