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Recap / Meta Runner S 1 E 06 Game Plan

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”It’s time to get to work.”
Tari and MD-5 plan their attack on TAS-Corp using some... interesting methods. Meanwhile, Belle discovers some shocking evidence about Project Blue.

After attempting to send Theo back into an Ultra Jump Mania cartridge only to be ejected, Tari and MD-5 realize that Theo has to be sent back to his original cartridge, which, unfortunately is currently in the hands of Lucks and TASCorp. Masa sees this as an opportunity to launch MD-5’s greatest plan against TASCorp: Operation Silent Demon. Demonstrated by Sofia using adorable chibi holograms, the plan goes as such; During an underground gaming tournament, enact an extremely-precise Game-Breaking Bug to crash the game and TASCorp's servers, allowing Sofia to get past their security and hack into a private server, collecting any incriminating info that would bring down the company, while also sending a forged order to bring Theo’s cartridge to MD-5... which Masa thinks may now be able to be pulled off thanks to Tari’s abilities. Meanwhile, Belle learns about Dr. Sheridan and his mysterious Project Blue... and comes to a shocking revelation.


Episode 6 provides examples of:

  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends just as Belle and Lucks discover a potential secret behind the Project Blue experiment, specifically what happens upon using the same code that Dr. Sheridan used on the Ultra Jump Mania cartridge that Tari went into. And SMG4 announced Meta Runner was taking a two-week break, too.
  • Laughing Mad: Dr. Sheridan when he talks about Project Blue.
  • Mood Whiplash: We transition from Belle breaking down into tears after finding out about Lucinia’s apparent demise to Theo trying to use chopsticks.
  • Must Have Caffeine: We see Dr. Sheridan had drank A LOT, and we mean A LOT, of coffee during his time working on Project Blue.
  • Never the Selves Shall Meet: A variant in Episode 6. MD-5's Ultra Jump Mania cartridge doesn't react well to having two Theos in it.
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  • OOC Is Serious Business: Belle, from a far-cry from her usual overconfident and smug demeanor, ends up shocked and sobbing after learning about Lucinia's possible death after so long of not knowing what happened to her.
    Belle: It's Lucinia! All this time we thought she was missing when she... she... God dammit! How did we not know about any of this?!
  • Operation: [Blank]: We get details on MD-5's plan to put an end to TAS Corp, specifically named Operation Silent Demon.
  • Planning with Props: The props in this case being chibi holograms of the characters.
  • Super-Deformed: Sofia demonstrates MD-5's past attempts to attack TAS Corp and the plan for Operation Silent Demon via a holographic demonstration containing chibi versions of the cast.
  • That Was the Last Entry: On the chip containing data about Project Blue, there are video diaries detailing Dr. Sheridan's work on the project, with a corrupted video file right before the final entry, the latter of which we see Dr. Sheridan's lab blowing up with Lucinia screaming for help in the background.
  • The Reveal: We learn that Lucinia, who was apparently a close friend of Belle's, had involvement with Project Blue, and potentially shared the same demise with Dr. Sheridan when the lab exploded.

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