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Recap / Meta Runner S 1 E 07 No Clip

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"Hey guys! It's a Shooting "S-Tari!""
Meta Runner is back! And in this brand new episode Tari and MD-5 practice slinging spells and executing a game breaking glitch in the magical battle royale game - Tempest!

With less than a week to get ready for Operation Silent Demon, MD-5 sets out to teach Tari and Theo about the game they'll be playing, the fantasy-themed battle royale game Tempest, and help Tari practice the glitch they need to pull it off, the Deep Mountain Clip. Meanwhile, Belle realizes a connection between Project Blue and Tari...

Episode 7 provides examples of:

  • Failure Montage / Training Montage: Most of the episode involves Tari practicing the Deep Mountain Clip, usually ending up with her faceplanting to her death. At least until the end of the episode where she completes it successfully. However, even then, she's still not done training as she has yet to learn about combat in Tempest.
  • Flashback: We see a flashback of Belle interacting with Lucinia, who gives her some encouragement and getting her to rest while the former was practicing for the Ultra Jump Mania speed run.
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  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The "Person of Interest" files on the members of MD-5 gives some tibits of info on them, including their ages and criminal records, and that Masa was decommissioned at some point.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Everyone's not really impressed by Lamar's "Shooting S-Tari" pun, apart from Sofia who lets out a quiet giggle.
  • Match Cut: The flashback with Belle and Lucinia ends with a cut from a smiling Belle in the past to a distraught-looking Belle in the present.

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