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Recap / Meta Runner

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A recap page to the web series Meta Runner

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  • Tari's Live Stream
  • Bo Shorts
    • She has an announcement to make
    • Someone stop her
    • Destroy the Waifu
    • Trying to make a meme

    Season One 
The first season of Meta Runner follows Tari as she first finds herself in Silica City, discovering her mysterious ability to warp into video games, ending up on the run from local megacorp TASCorp, and joining a mysterious trio bent on taking them down known as MD-5.

Season One is also collected as the Compilation Movie New Game+. There are the recaps for the individual episodes.

  1. Wrong Warp
  2. Out of Bounds
  3. Bad Split
  4. Sequence Break
  5. Aimbot
  6. Game Plan
  7. No Clip
  8. One Shot
  9. The Run
  10. Shutdown

    Season Two 
The season season of Meta Runner picks up six months after the events of "Shutdown", with Tari now working under the thumb of Lucks and TASCorp and MD-5 reuniting after being separated for 6 months, with both parties trying to figure out a new way to expose TASCorp and rescue both her and Theo.
  1. Hard Reset
  2. Firewall
  3. Unreal Engines
  4. Transfer Student
  5. Heart to Heart
  6. Hack and Slash
  7. Friendly Fire
  8. Soft Lock
  9. Nightmare Mode
  10. Fatal Error


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