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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 2 E 4 I Love You Suzanne

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Ryan becomes the central focus of an episode for the third episode of the first four of Season 2; and this time the love bug has stricken.

We start off with Riley attempting a magic trick with an oversized card; only for the card to fail to disappear. Fortunately, Kids Incorporated is up with opening song “Premonition” (incidentally, Stacy’s first solo of the season). We then see the kids in the break room in time for mail call; and save for a personal letter, everything else were bills. The personal letter was that of Riley’s cousin Suzannenote , who was visiting. Ryan managed a glimpse of a picture of her and is instantly smitten (Kid and Stacy, upon seeing this reaction, threaten to leave once Ryan started getting mushy); with the others leaving to return to the stage just before Riley could explain that Suzanne was blind (“It’s the Same Old Song”).


Ryan then meets Suzanne; then invites her to join him and Kid in seeing the latest James Bond movie (in 1985; A View to a Kill). Suzanne turns him down; and it’s at this point that Ryan learns of her blindness. Needless to say, he doesn’t take it very well; bolting the P*lace with an excuse of having to do laundry. We then see Ryan at his bike when Kid walks up to let him know Suzanne bolted and Riley and Gloria were looking for him; resulting in the two confronting Ryan (Ryan’s response when they show up: “What is this, ‘Look for Ryan Day’”?); and neither could get through to him - at least not immediately; leading up to “Too Late for Goodbyes”note .

Meanwhile; Renee and Stacy run into Ryan, with Ryan attempting to explain (justify?) what happened. As this happens; Kid managed to find Suzanne and bring her back, allowing her to confront Ryan (backing him into a trash can); setting up “New Attitude”. Ryan and Suzanne then decide to give the date another try; with the conversation being far more successful (Ryan shows her how to play pinball) - followed by serenading her…with “I Love You, Suzanne”; complete with Ryan rolling up and down the stage for much of the closing song.


Incidentally; this would be the first of three episodes to feature a member of Riley’s family as a major part of the plot, along with “Kahuna Kids”note  and “Richie in Love”; both from season 5; and the first of two in which a male character’s first crush is on one of Riley’s cousins.

Songs performed in this episode:

  • “Premonition“ (Jack Wagner cover; lead vocals by Stacy)
  • “It’s the Same Old Song” (The Four Tops cover; lead vocals by Gloria)note 
  • “Too Late for Goodbyes“ (Julian Lennon cover; lead vocals by Gloria)
  • New Attitude’” (Patti LaBelle cover; lead vocals by Kid)
  • “I Love You, Suzanne“ (Lou Reed cover; lead vocals by Ryan)


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