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Kids Incorporated ran in first-run syndication from 1984 to 1986, then was Un-Canceled for airing on Disney Channel from 1986 until ending in early 1994. In all, a total of 151 episodes were produced.

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  1. "The Beginning": The original pilot movie, taped in September 1983. The pilot never aired on television, but would be released on video in 1985; with additional scenes due to Rahsaan Patterson being cast as the Kid after the pilot was taped but before series production began..

    Season 1 - 1984- 1985 
  1. "Leader of the Pack": A power trip by Mickey nearly causes a revolt to go to a band started by a new kid (guest star Christian Hoff) in town.
  2. "The Painter": The kids try to catch a vandal for a $100 reward, only for Mickey to become smitten with her.
  3. "The Angels": Gloria tries to join a snobbish clique called "The Angels".
  4. "The Bully": The Kid's mouthing off at a bully comes back to haunt him when the bully demands a confrontation.
  5. "The Joker": The kids are visited by a mischievous prankster (guest star Jeff Cohen.
  6. "The Basket Case": Renee trades places with a runaway princess.
  7. "The Ghost of the P*lace": Stacy befriends a ghost seeking to be inducted into a ghost society.
  8. "New Image": Mickey attempts to revamp Kids Inc's image, with disastrous results.
  9. "Go For the Gold": After an amp blows up, Stacy enters a gymnastics contest seeking to win the prize money to replace it. U.S. Olympic gymnast Kathy Johnson guest stars.
  10. "Robot Bop": Riley finds himself suddenly displaced by a robot (played by Richard Steven Horvitz)
  11. "Space Case": An alien visits Earth and needs a specimen to take home…Renee. First of two consecutive appearances for John Franklin.
  12. "The Leprechaun": A leprechaun (John Franklin in his second straight appearance) visits the P*lace wanting to be a rock star.
  13. "X Marks the Spot": The others plan a treasure hunt for Renee's birthday.
  14. "Funny Money": Kid returns a briefcase of what turned out to be counterfeit money to its owner, and then finds himself wanted by the police.
  15. "School's For Fools": Kid, planning on becoming a superstar like David Hasselhoff, refuses to study for exams even though he is doing poorly in school. Hasselhoff himself guest stars to convince Kid to take his academics more seriously.
  16. "No Jockos": The kids scramble to replace an injured clown prior to a carnival they're hosting.
  17. "Superbike": Renee fixes up an old bike that was thrown out before giving it to Riley.
  18. "She's So Shy": The kids discover Wendy, one of the dancers, is also a good singer; and attempt to get her to sing on stage.
  19. "The Camp-Out Blues": Kid has to face his fears prior to a Boy Scouts camping trip.
  20. "The Historical P*lace": Upon learning of plans to tear down the P*lace, the kids seek to have it declared a historical building instead.
  21. "Dance Palace": Kids Incorporated holds a dance contest at the P*lace. This episode doesn't actually have a plot; local dancers from the L.A. area competed for a Singalodeon karaoke machine.
  22. "Her or Me": Kids Inc. is invited to play at the junior high prom; but The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry between Renee and Stacy had gotten so heated the band nearly has to choose between them.
  23. "NASA Space Week": Space Exploration Week comes to town; and the kids - except Gloria - are excited until she learns to face her fears.
  24. "Basketball Blues": Renee, passed over for a basketball team due to being a girl, sets up a boys vs. girls basketball match.
  25. "Siedah Garrett": Singer Siedah Garrett visits the P*lace to shoot a music video.
  26. "Civic Day Parade": The kids squabble over ideas for a float for the town's Civic Day Parade. Final episode for Jerry Sharell.

    Season 2 - 1985- 1986 
  1. "New Kid in Town": New kid Ryan auditions to replace now-departed band founder Mickey, but not before rubbing the remaining band members the wrong way. Welcome Episode for Ryan Lambert.
  2. "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Kid": Kid, puzzled at Ryan's love of books, has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-themed Dream Sequence where Kid becomes a nerd.
  3. "The Wallflower": Gloria assumes a boy that didn't ask her to a dance didn't like her.
  4. "I Love You Suzanne": Ryan becomes smitten with Riley's cousin Suzanne...until learning Suzanne is blind.
  5. “The Big Lie“: Renee spreads a rumor about Riley by accident.
  6. "The Boy From Togo”: The kids attempt to relate with an exchange student from the country of Togo.
  7. "A Pain in the Neck": The kids visit Gloria after she had to undergo a tonsillectomy.
  8. "The Abominable Show-Man”: A fast-talking con-man offers a chance at stardom for Gloria. The first of three appearances for Kenny McMurphy as recurring villain Brendan Roberts.
  9. “One Glass Slipper“: Stacy, unable to go to a birthday party due to being too young, has a Cinderella-inspired Dream Sequence where she becomes “Stacyrella”.
  10. "The Masked Mauler”: The Kid finds himself facing off against a wrestler nicknamed “The Masked Mau;er”
  11. “Peer Pressure“: Stacy’s insecurity about being the youngest in the band surfaces again in this Very Special Episode where she is pressured by the lead singer of Kids Inc’s opening act to smoke cigarettes
  12. "Student Government Day": The kids fill various position for Student Government Day, only for the power to quickly go to Kid's head.
  13. “Riley’s Rival“: When a rival of Riley’s visits town; Riley pretends to be the owner of the P*lace (as opposed to simply the soda jerk)
  14. “No Rhyme or Reason“: Kid and Stacy’s mockery of a poem Renee entered in a contest backfires when she wins a gourmet lunch
  15. “Phantom of the P*lace”: The kids are spooked by a series of mysterious noises. Brendan Roberts makes his second appearance
  16. “Grandma, Won’t You Dance With Me“: Ryan’s grandmother Ruth (played by Broadway star Gwen Verdon) - who he has a strained relationship with - visits
  17. “Identical Problems”: Renee learns she needs glasses; while Stacy spends much of the episode battling the hiccups.
  18. “Rock of Ages“: Riley invents a time machine through which the kids experience music from the past.
  19. "The Great Comeback": The kids help a homeless, once-famous trombonist reunite with her long-lost daughter. Former Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In star Ruth Buzzi makes the first of two appearances.
  20. "Classical Case": Renee and Stacy's British cousin Samantha Brisbane (Renee Sands in a dual role) visits; only to clash with Renee over music styles.
  21. "Ryan, Ryan P.I.": Ryan, while reading a detective book he got from the local library, imagines himself in a 1940s film noir style detective story.
  22. “A Lad and His Lamp“: Kid comes across a magic lamp.
  23. “Material Girl“: Gloria develops a problem with greed.
  24. “Runaway Stacy“: Stacy, upset her parents won’t let her have a pet rabbit, attempts to run away.
  25. "Sock Hop": Another plotless episode, this one featuring the kids hosting a sock hop at the P*lace, performing songs from the 50's.
  26. "Decade of Hits": Second consecutive concert episode; featuring the kids covering one song from each of the previous 10 years. Originally the Grand Finale before being Un-Canceled when Disney Channel picked it up.

    Season 3 - 1986- 1987 
  1. "O Lucky Me": Stacy, thinking a ring she found is lucky, freaks out when Gloria loses it just before auditions for a School Play. First episode produced for Disney Channel after being Un-Canceled.
  2. "All in a Night's Work": A sudden departure by Riley sparks suspicions of his activities by the kids.
  3. "Crush on You": Renee, smitten with a boy named Jules (played by Curt Cornelius, better known for his later work on the Dead Space series), has difficulty trying to talk to him.
  4. “Help Wanted (Help!)“: Gloria - short on funds due to her allowance being cut - applies for a job at the P*lace
  5. “World Traveler“: A self-styled “world traveler” enthralls the kids with his tales…until it’s revealed he’s really a runaway
  6. ”Riley Gets Stung“: Riley’s hopes to be a successful inventor suffer a setback when he gets suckered in by a con-artist (guest star Rip Taylor)
  7. "All's Well That Ends Well": Renee and Stacy's cousin Samantha returns, this time putting the kids through a crash course in Shakespeare..
  8. “Boy Wonder“: The Kid’s ego swells to the point he tells the others they’d make great backup singers; before being brought back to Earth upon imagining that he’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  9. "The Gift”: Renee and Stacy struggle to find the perfect birthday present for each other in this Gift of the Magi-inspired episode.
  10. “Rockin’ Saddles”: Brendan Roberts makes his 3rd and final appearance, attempting to sell test answers to the Kid.
  11. “Peter Pam“: Stacy - upset she’ll no longer be the baby of the family now that her mom is pregnant - imagines herself as Peter Pam (“with an M”).
  12. “With a Twinkle in His Eye“: A man known only as Mr. Angel (guest star Barney Martin) appears as the kids bicker following their amplifier blowing.
  13. "Stacy and the Clown": The kids hold a clown contest; though Stacy is self-conscious about entering due to a series of embarrassing incidents in other events in the past.
  14. "Rock in the New Year": After the P*lace is unavailable for the band's New Year's Eve concert when Riley's latest invention covers the building in ice cream; the kids look back on how they did on their resolutions. Primarily a Clip Show episode. Final episode for Martika.

    Season 4 - 1987- 1988 
  1. "A Kid's Line": This episode sees the kids scrambling to replace Gloria after she left for a distant music school. Welcome Episode for new cast members Connie Lew and Richard Shoff.
  2. "Modern Music": Riley invents a Max Headroom-like video synthesizer called S.A.M., only for S.A.M. to attempt to take over the band.
  3. "Video Madness": Richie is assigned a video production for a class project on communication, only for the other band members' bickering to nearly wreck the project.
  4. “Front Page News“: The school newspaper editor position is open, and Renee and Ryan end up fiercely competing for it.
  5. "Trouble's Cooking": Kid and Stacy's friendship gets strained after a dispute over who should get $100 for ordering the 1,000th chocolate malt sold at the P*lace.
  6. "The Boy Who Cried Gorilla": Richie's problems with the truth come back to bite him when the others don't believe he saw a gorilla on the loose.
  7. "You've Got the Wrong Date": It's time for the Sadie Hawkins Dance; and Stacy requests Renee read a poem requesting a boy Stacy has a crush on to go with her to that dance, only for the gambit to backfire when Jason thinks Renee wants to go to the dance with him..
  8. "Russian 101": The Russian Youth Ballet comes to town, and Ryan is smitten with a dancer named Katrina.
  9. "When Movies Were Movies": With the kids having an afternoon off due to repairs being made at the P*lace, they attempt to decide which movie to go to.
  10. "Now Appearing": Kid, a big fan of Patti LaBelle, is looking forward to see her in concert until learning the opening act is comedian Billy Blaster (played by Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire); who is later revealed to be Kid's estranged brother that left home abruptly five years earlier.
  11. "Win a Date with Renee": Richie comes up with a get-rich quick scheme to raise money for posters...raffling off a date with Renee. Head of the Class star Brian Robbins guest-stars As Himself; marking the first of two appearances of cast members from the 1986-91 ABC sitcom.
  12. "Connie in Wonderland": Connie gets on a health food kick; only for the others to show little interest, leading to an Alice in Wonderland themed Imagine Spot.
  13. “What’s In a Name“: The P*lace introduces a new ice cream flavor named after a band member; only for the others to realize they don’t know the Kid’s birth name. Final episode for Renee Sands and Rahsaan Patterson.

    Season 5 - 1988- 1989 
  1. "The Pick-Ups": With Renee and Kid have left to go halfway around the world; Kids Incorporated once again searches for replacements. Welcome Episode for Kenny Ford and Devyn Puett.
  2. "Kid's Court": Connie and Devyn's friendship nearly implodes over a dispute as to which of the two wrote a song both claimed credit for.
  3. "The Kids' New Clothes": The kids are offered a new wardrobe from a famous fashion designer, but are less than thrilled with the finished product. Includes Imagine Spot retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen.
  4. 'The Talent Search': The kids audition for a movie role.
  5. 'You Don't Say': Ryan, following a poor review of the cafeteria food in the school newspaper, clashes with the school principal (guest star Alaina Reed Hall of Sesame Street and 227).
  6. 'Kahuna Kids': The kids learn the Shell Shack (a beach restaurant, shop, carnival and amusement park run by a cousin of Riley) is about to be torn down for a garbage disposal plant, and put a fundraiser together to save it. Head of the Class cast member Tony O'Dell becomes the second member of that series to make a guest appearance. Riley's actor, Moosie Drier, also makes his directorial debut.
  7. 'Richie for President': Richie makes a last-minute entry into the race for class president versus a popular student. Audra Lee, co-host of TBS' "Kids Beat" educational segments, makes the first of two appearances.
  8. 'The Guitarist': With the regular guitarist out of town, the kids have to bring in a fill-in guitarist who is self-conscious about being in a wheelchair.
  9. 'When the Clock Strikes Twelve': Ryan is excited about making his school's baseball team, until one Big Eddie - who Ryan beat out - announces plans to confront him.
  10. 'The Frog Prince': Stacy hesitates to invite a nerdy classmate named Ethan Greene (played by Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years) to her birthday party, changing her mind after daydreaming she is in the titular fairy tale.
  11. 'The Open Book”: The kids read part of a paper Stacy was working on for an English assignment and think she intends to run away.
  12. “Richie in Love“: Richie becomes smitten with a college-age cousin of Riley’s
  13. 'Constellation Connie': Connie, attempting to build a time machine, accidentally transports an alien to Earth. Final episode for Ryan Lambert, Connie Lew, and Moosie Drier.

    Season 6 - 1989- 1990 
  1. 'Sweet Dreams': The P*lace is up for sale, causing the band to worry about the venue's fate...and their own. Welcome Episode for Jennifer Love Hewitt and for Sean O'Riordan, who plays Flip, Riley's replacement as soda jerk for the P*lace.
  2. 'The Storybook House': The kids help Little Red Riding Hood (guest star Shonda Whipple) find her way home after she visits the P*lace. Second appearance for Ruth Buzzi.
  3. 'The Hero”: Devyn gets her own fan club; with her ego rapidly inflating as a result. Guest stars include talk-show host Eric Boardman and (in her second appearance) Audra Lee
  4. “Career Jeers“: Stacy frets over her future after struggling on her career aptitude test
  5. “Never Too Old“: The kids try to cheer Stacy up when her grandfather has to move to a retirement home
  6. 'Pollution Problems': The kids rally to protest water pollution.
  7. 'Roughing It': The series' second Camping Episode sees the kids' camping expedition until getting help from a young man whose family is homeless.
  8. 'The Cover-Up': Very Special Episode where the kids discover a friend of Kenny is dealing with physical abuse from his father.
  9. “Play It Again, Kids Inc.”: The kids are thrilled to go to a concert featuring Debbie Gibson; only for Flip to lose the tickets. Also contains a Whole Plot Reference Imagine Spot for “‘’Casablanca’’”. Also, the series’ 100th episode.
  10. 'Magic Toy Shoppe': Kids Inc. helps with a toy drive to help a local orphanage; while Robin imagines herself in the story of the ballerina and the toy soldier.
  11. 'Clique, Clique': Richie experiences peer pressure to join a gang; before the now-reformed founder (guest appearance by former boxer Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini) sets him and the others straight.
  12. 'Further Adventures of Cosmoboy': Kenny imagines himself to be a superhero named Cosmoboy while the others work to protect the P*lace due to a string of nearby businesses being robbed.
  13. 'Stop the Presses': Kenny, desperate to get more copies of the school newspaper sold, begins playing fast and loose with the truth; angering the other kids in the process
  14. “Elementary, My Dear Kids”: A bracelet goes missing, and the kids help search for it.
  15. “Karate Kids“: After being bullied; Robin enlists in a karate class taught by Billy Blanks. Last episode before a temporary Series Hiatus and the final episode for Fergie, Richard Shoff, and Devyn Puett.

    Season 7 - 1991- 1992 
  1. “A Hard Date’s Night“: Eric tries dating three girls at once. Welcome Episode for Eric Balfour, Anastasia Horne, and Haylie Johnson.
  2. “P*lace Alone”: Haylie and Robin - trying to prove they’re “grown up” - attempt to protect the P*lace from a burglar
  3. ”Teen Spotlight”: The band is featured in a segment of a teen-oriented series
  4. 'Thirteensomething”: Kenny tries to impress a girl named Cynthia
  5. Dreams “Pipe Dreams“: An upcoming concert is approaching and the kids are excited…until Haylie loses the tickets
  6. “History in the Making”: With Eric struggling in history class, the others try to help out
  7. “Family Matters“: With the two attempting to outdo the other; a rift develops between Ana and Robin
  8. “New Twist“: Robin becomes her school’s representative in a tongue-twister contest.
  9. 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do': Miscommunication seems to plague both Eric and Ana when Eric thinks a girl named Victoria is interested in a date, while Ana thinks a visit by her divorced father (played by former Brady Bunch star Barry Williams) means her parents are getting back together. .
  10. “Flip Out“: With Flip’s sneaker fortune having run out; a financial advisor (guest star Karla DeVito) recommends turning the P*lace into a tea room for adults.
  11. “Music Lessons“: Kenny struggles to cope with the death of his music teacher.
  12. “While the Cat’s Away“: Kenny and Eric are left in charge when Flip has to leave on short notice for a meeting.
  13. “Tall Order“: Haylie finds herself self-conscious due to being the shortest member of the band.
  14. “My Fair Ana“: Ana becomes smitten with a boy in her math class
  15. ”Five Kids and a Dog“: Ana takes in a stray dog
  16. “Mummy Dearest”: A mummy is sent to the P*lace due to a delivery mix-up.
  17. ”Double Trouble”: The kids meet a new kid in town and his twin brother (Scott Wolf in a dual role)
  18. 'Earth Day Festival': The kids hold a special Earth Day festival.
  19. 'That's What Friends Are For': Robin tries to help her friend Becky Devlin (played by future Roundhouse cast member Natasha Pearce) overcome her shyness.
  20. 'Secret Agent Girl' (sometimes called “The Spy Kit”): Haylie, using her new spy kit, thinks a conversation about getting rid of an old doll is the band talking about getting rid of her. Final episode for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eric Balfour.

    Season 8 - 1992- 1993 
  1. “(Jared for) President“: New band member Jared decides to meet new people by running for class president. Welcome Episode for Nicole Brown and Jared Delgin.
  2. 'The Show': Ana is named student advisor for the annual PTA show; only to run into constant meddling by the PTA director (guest star Edie Adams).
  3. “Lay Off”: A birthday party the kids are invited to is canceled when the father of the hostess (guest star Brittany Murphy) is laid off.
  4. “We Love Granny“: Jared’s grandmother (guest star Florence Henderson) stops by for a visit
  5. 'Kenny's Sister': Kenny, though established as a good student, feels pressure to equal his sister Ellen's academic success when Ellen (special guest Rain Pryor) visits from college. .
  6. 'Mystery, She Wrote': Ana struggles to write a mystery for her English class
  7. 'The Joke's on Us': The kids miss an opportunity to see the taping of a show with comedian Paul Rodriguez.
  8. “Fashion Forward“: Jared has an idea for a fashion-themed business; leaving Haylie to handle all the work
  9. “The Commercial“: Flip decides to shoot a commercial to promote the P*lace
  10. 'Party Out': A new beach club throws a party to celebrate its opening, but Kenny is the only Kids Inc. member invited.
  11. 'Old Friends': Haylie's friend Casey visits, though Casey seems to be developing a crush on her..
  12. 'On Your Toes': Jared, part of the group's basketball team, attempts to get the interest of a girl named Christina by secretly taking dance lessons, only for the rest of the group to take dance lessons at the same place. Former Kids Inc. dancer Wendy Brainard guest stars as the dance instructor..
  13. 'The Boy of La Mancha': Nicole has difficulty in getting the other town clean-up committee members to take her seriously. Final episode for Jared Delgin, Kenny Ford, and Sean O'Riordan.

    Season 9 - 1993- 1994 
  1. “The Boy Next Door“: Ana struggles to deal with the fact that a boy she likes is confined to a wheelchair. Welcome Episode for Charlie Brady and Anthony Harrell, as well as for Dena Burton, who plays Dena, the final soda jerk for the P*lace.
  2. 'Don't Phone Home': Nicole loses phone privileges after running up a large phone bill.
  3. 'Secret Admirer': When Haylie becomes the object of a secret admirer's affection, the others try to find the mystery boy's identity.
  4. 'One Man Band': Nicole attempts to help a homeless young man who came into the P*lace looking for a job.
  5. “Writing On the Wall“: The P*lace becomes the target of a vandal known as “The Tagger”; only for the vandal to turn out to be a one-time friend of Charlie’s
  6. 'Taking a Stand“: Problems during a band’s tour leads to Haylie’s parents not letting her go to their concert even though the others could go.
  7. “Face Your Fears“: Dena’s college friend Kathy Brown visits; but Dena is afraid to see her due to a prank she played on Kathy.
  8. “Dating Anxiety”: Charlie gets asked out on a date.
  9. “Teamwork”: A local basketball tournament starts and Charlie and Anthony enter, while failing to invite the girls.
  10. “Bullied”: A bully attempts to intimidate Anthony into quitting Kids Incorporated. This ended up becoming the Grand Finale after the series went on hiatus for an extensive Retool that never materialized.

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