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Recap / Jimmy Two Shoes S 1 E 2 Heat Blanket Jimmy Cellphone Itis

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Heat Blanket Jimmy

Jimmy and Beezy are in the former's backyard trying to relax under Miseryville's three suns. However, the suns are scorching the town more than usual this particular day, and the only one finding joy in the blistering weather is Lucius, who is taking delight in telling Jimmy, Beezy, and the rest of Miseryville that it's not gonna get any chillier in the forecast. And if crushing any hope for relief from the heat wasn't enough, Lucius has been working on something to make everyone more miserable than ever - ice cream. Samy is skeptical of his boss' scheme, but Lucius is willing to do a free demonstration.

Lucius prances through downtown Miseryville, taunting the demonic populace with the frozen deliciousness of his ice cream and gleefully snatching the treat away when the monsters try get a lick of it. Even Jimmy and Beezy feel hotter just from watching Lucius' indulgence. Heloise isn't helping them feel any cooler, but she's also fed up with watching Lucius further taunt the people of Miseryville from one of the many giant screens he uses to address his melancholic subjects. Heloise chucks a small gremlin-like creature at one screen, changing the channel to a group of monsters partying at the beach. Inspired by what he's seeing, Jimmy decides they need to beat the heat with a beach party.


However, Jimmy soon learns that Miseryville's beaches aren't any more pleasant than the town itself, with garbage, hot sand, and giant carnivorous lava worms being standard. The adjacent lava ocean is only slightly better; as Jimmy learns from an old lady, you can swim in it, but there are also giant sea monsters (one of which eats said granny). Jimmy and Beezy decide to just dance with the other beachgoers, but Lucius is watching everything from his surveillance screens. The ruler of Miseryville is shocked that his subjects are finding ways to have fun on what is Miseryville's hottest day ever, so he decides to take action. Once at the beach, Lucius begins to demand Jimmy and the others to stop enjoying themselves and get back to being miserable from the heat, but before he can do anything else, the sea monster from earlier swallows him.


With nobody else really caring about Lucius' fate, Jimmy brings it upon himself to rescue Miseryville's diminutive leader from ending up as fish food. Of course, Jimmy doesn't really know how to face off against a giant sea beast capable of swallowing him whole, but challenges it anyways in the only way he can - by a surfing contest! Unfortunately, Jimmy doesn't actually know how to surf, and the sea monster's giant surfboard is the only reason he hasn't wiped out. The unimpressed leviathan knocks him out of the way, and Jimmy lands on the monster's head, steering the beast through treacherous rocks. Samy, Heloise, and Beezy watch from shore until the latter is suddenly consumed by a giant lava worm. Fortunately, the worm doesn't like Beezy's taste and spits him straight from the sand and out into the ocean. Beezy crashes into Jimmy and the sea monster, causing the latter to spit Lucius (and the old lady from earlier) out. Jimmy, Lucius, and the granny safely land back on the beach, but now Beezy is stuck with the sea monster.

Having enough of everything, Lucius has the ocean drained to put an end to Jimmy's beach party for good and punish the sea monster for swallowing him. However, Beezy has befriended the sea monster and invited him to stay with them until he can find a new home. As Lucius tries to flee from his son's new friend, Samy distributes the ice cream to Miseryville, finally giving everyone some respite from the heat. But Heloise reveals to them that the secret ingredient is old feet, causing all the demons to run off screaming in disgust. With the beach now totally to themselves, Jimmy and Heloise can begin their own private beach party.

"Heat Blanket Jimmy" features examples of:

  • Beach Episode: The second and third acts of the episode are set at the beach.
  • Heat Wave: The entire episode revolves around that Jimmy, his friends, and the rest of Miseryville are trying to find ways to escape from while Lucius is using it to make misery.
  • It Tastes Like Feet: The people of Miseryville's reaction to Lucius' ice cream.
    Heloise: Shhh! That's the secret ingredient.
  • Projectile Toast: The closest thing Miseryville's beaches have to a lifeguard. Beezy eats it.
  • Sand Worm: Giant demon-eating lava worms are a normal part of any Miseryvillian's trip to the beach.
  • Sea Monster: One serves as the antagonist of the third act. However, Beezy learns he's not actually such a bad guy and makes friends with him, to Lucius' horror.
  • Swallowed Whole: What the sea monster does to Lucius and a random old lady.
  • Tongue Trauma: Heloise arrives in a mecha that crushes Jimmy and Beezy's tongues, which are lying on the ground as they pant. When the two ask her to get off, she activates rockets in the mecha's feet that singe their tongues!
  • "YEAH!" Shot: Jimmy does this twice, with Heloise wondering how he does it. In the first instance, she pokes Jimmy with a stick, causing him to float away.


Lucius is at an auditorium in front of a large crowd of Miseryvillians, doing a presentation on his (read: Heloise's) newest invention, the Sardiner, a machine that takes two monsters and combines them into one in the most misery-inducing manner possible. But as Lucius is in the middle of stealing a frustrated Heloise's credit, the presentation is interrupted by the sound of Beezy (who was forced to attend the presentation) on his cellphone with Jimmy. Lucius quickly interrupts Beezy's chatter by making Samy take the phone and eat it. But the moment Lucius attempts to resume, his son takes out another cellphone. The annoyed ruler of Miseryville has his Minotaur guards snatch the device from Beezy and then gets Samy to frisk him. Yet even after Beezy has dozens of phones confiscated from him, it turns out that he still has more phones hidden around on him. In a fit of rage, Lucius drags Beezy out of the auditorium and has his Minotaurs take the rest of his son's cellphones, leaving Beezy in tears. Jimmy quickly arrives to comfort his friend, saying he shouldn't let it get him down. However, Beezy proves fragile and reduces himself to sitting on the streets, panicking about his inability to live without cellphones. Jimmy decides that Beezy might need some medical help.

Appropriately for a place like Miseryville, medical help comes in the form of evil genius Dr. Ludwig Von Scientist. Upon bringing Jimmy and Beezy inside, Dr. Scientist begins treatment for Beezy's cellphone dependency. He straps Beezy to a chair, forces his eyes wide open, and attaches a helmet that will deliver electric shocks to Lucius' son. He shows Beezy a video of a young monster whose brain has been addled by cellphones, asking Beezy if he feels any disgust for what he sees. Beezy however admires the phoneaholic demon, and no matter how many times Dr. Scientist shocks him for doing so, the young Heinous will not change his mind. Deciding more drastic action is needed, Dr. Scientist applies "The Patch", which is really just some stickers he slaps onto Beezy's ears and mouth to block off his hearing and speech, thus his cravings for communication. However, Beezy is still desperate for cellphones, so Dr. Scientist gives up on him as incurable and kicks him out along with Jimmy. Jimmy removes the patches from Beezy just as his own phone begins ringing. Beezy is ecstatic at the sound of a cellphone and convinces Jimmy to let him have it. Jimmy agrees out of pity for his friend under the condition that Lucius can't find out. To ensure the phone's safety, Beezy puts it on vibrate mode.

A while later, Lucius has restarted his presentation of the Sardiner, and Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise are all present. But once again, Lucius is interrupted by the sound of Beezy, who is laughing uncontrollably as a cellphone vibrates against his leg. The furious Lucius gets out a vacuum and finds that Beezy has dozens of new phones in his pants. It turns out everyone in Miseryville has been giving their phones to Beezy. Now completely enraged, Lucius decrees cellphones to be banned from Miseryville, leaving everyone disappointed and annoyed.

Deciding Beezy really needs to be cured, Jimmy brings him back to Dr. Scientist, who brings out his most dire resort - the Hypno-tron. Dr. Scientist hypnotizes Beezy to now feel disgust towards cellphones, curing him of his cellphone dependency. Beezy and Jimmy soon return to Lucius' presentation, where the ruler of Miseryville publicly destroys all his subjects' cellphones before resuming on the Sardiner. But Lucius makes the mistake of stepping into the machine as he speaks, ignoring Samy's attempts to pull him out. Heloise, having enough of both Lucius' cellphone ban and his constant self-credit for her invention, activates the Sardiner, painfully mashing up Lucius and Samy together. Lucius asks someone to call for help, but the only cellphone left in Miseryville is his own - and his dialing arm is trapped in the Sardiner. He tosses his phone by Beezy, who is now unable to go near a cellphone. Lucius tells Beezy he'll lift the cellphone ban if he can save him, which motivates all of Miseryville to cheer Beezy on. Mustering all his courage, Beezy slowly moves his arms to the phone and grabs it to the sound of rejoicing.

After emergency rescue frees Lucius and Samy from the Sardiner, Miseryville is allowed to use cellphones again, which gives Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise some time to chat on their phones in the park together. However, an impatient Lucius wants Heloise to redo the Sardiner and get him unfused from Samy, who now has the misfortune of being Lucius' butt.

"Cellphone-itis" features examples of:

  • Compressed Vice: Beezy's cellphone addiction is never mentioned again after this episode, despite the fact he was never cured of it.
  • Glad I Thought of It: Lucius does this constantly with Heloise's Sardiner. He ends up paying for it by becoming the invention's first victim.
  • Gross-Up Close-Up: We get a brief one of Beezy's armpit when Samy has to remove a cellphone hidden under there.
  • Hypno Fool: Dr. Scientist's Hypno-tron accidentally hypnotizes Jimmy into acting like a chicken.
  • Merging Machine: The Sardiner is designed to do this to monsters in the most painful way possible.
  • Short-Distance Phone Call: Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise engage in one at the end of the episode, with Beezy at a pool, Jimmy at a gazebo, and Heloise in a meadow - all in the same area of a park.
  • Something Itis: The titular "cellphone-itis", although they do call it by its proper name of "cellphone dependency" at times.
  • Visual Pun: At one point, Beezy whines to Jimmy that he's cracking up. He then shatters into pieces.

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