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Recap / HTF - You're Bakin' Me Crazy

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"Watch a sunrise!"

Airdate: June 23, 2000

"You're Bakin' Me Crazy" is the eighteenth episode of the first (internet) season of Happy Tree Friends.

A towel-covered Lumpy is multitasking between ironing his shirt and making birthday cake. His doorbell is rung, so he goes to answer it. He is greeted by the girl scout Giggles who is offering him some cookies. A wind suddenly blows away Lumpy's towel, exposing his privates to poor Giggles. She screams and Lumpy, as he panics at this situation, tries to run back to his shirt only to trip over his many electrical cords, towards his ironing board, launching the hot iron right into Giggles's face. During Lumpy's struggle to wear his shirt, he accidentally hits his still activated mixer. The mixer is launched right into Giggles's eyes, shredding the inside of her head. Later, Lumpy arrives at the birthday party at Petunia's house. However, his shirt is still stuck on his head and the cake is covered with blood. Another wind then blows out the cake's lit candles.


"You're Bakin' Me Crazy" contains the following:


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