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Recap / Duck Tales S 1 E 11 Scroogerello

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Scrooge wakes up with a fever and is forced back to bed by his family and staff, much to his displeasure. To help him sleep, Webby starts reading him Cinderella and when he does fall asleep, Scrooge has a dream with himself as the protagonist. 'Scroogerello' lives with his wicked step-father Glomgold and wicked step-brothers the Beagle Boys who are planning to get their hands on a royal fortune by getting the local princess Glittering Goldie to choose one of them to marry at an upcoming ball. Scroogerello decides to try and stop them but is caught and thrown into the cellar where he meets an imprisoned Huey, Dewey and Louie and Duckworth. Just as things look hopeless, Webby and Mrs. Beakley appear as fairy godmothers and send Scroogerello to the ball as a golden prince. Romance blooms between Scroogerello and Goldie, but his jealous step-family intervenes and steals her away. Scroogerello and the kids give chase and find a castle belonging to a cursed frog-prince (Launchpad) which Glomgold and the Beagles have taken over. Our heroes rescue Goldie, not that she needed it, but Scroogerello leaves before she can see him in his shabby servant clothes. However, he leaves his golden top hat and Goldie vows to try it on every head in the kingdom till she finds her love. Eventually the two are reunited...only for the wicked step-family to reappear and capture them both. The dream ends and Scrooge wakes up, well again and having learned a lesson about treating others well. He promises to take the kids, Duckworth and Mrs. Beakley to the finest hamburger stand in DuckBurg and adds this time they can even order hamburgers.


This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • And You Were There: Scrooge's dream features everyone from his life in various roles — his lost love Goldie as the princess he falls in love with, the Beagle Boys and Glomgold as his wicked stepfamily, and so on.
  • Crashing Dreams: Scrooge's dream ends with his wicked stepfamily throwing a bag over his head as they capture him. He wakes up to discover that he's got the covers over his head.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In Scrooge's dream, Flintheart Glomgold imprisons his childhood servant for life when said servant gave Flintheart Cod Liver Oil for a cold and imprison Huey, Dewey and Louie for life after their Junior Woodchuck Cookies gave Burger Beagle heartburn.
  • Dream Sequence: Almost the whole episode is Scrooge's dream.
  • Fairy Godmother: Mrs. Beakley and Webby appear as Scrooge's fairy godmother and fairy-godmother-in-training.
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  • Fairy Tale Episode: The story parodies Cinderella - specifically, Scrooge is suffering from a fever, and falls asleep listening to Webby reading, which leads to a Fractured Fairy Tale Cinderella dream sequence.
  • Fever Dream Episode: The majority of the episode is All Just a Dream that Scrooge is having while he sleeps off his fever.
  • Ladyella: A gender-flipped version; Scrooge's alter-ego is called Scroogerello.
  • Manly Tears: Scroogerello cries when Princess Goldie is kidnapped by his wicked stepfamily. As the tears run down, he promises that he will find her.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Launchpad's alter-ego Prince Lilypad lets the Beagles and Glomgold stay at his house. They proceed to throw him out of it.
  • Nurse with Good Intentions: Scrooge is sick, and Webby wants to be his nurse. She starts with bringing him something to drink - stumbles, and splashes it all over him.
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  • Redundant Rescue: Princess Goldie is kidnapped by the Beagle Boys, and manages to beat most of them and rescue herself. However, when she realizes Scrooge is coming to save her, she ups and pretends to still be in danger just for a Rescue Romance. Well...this is Scrooge's fantasy...
  • Selfless Wish: As the dream begins, Scrooge's wicked stepfamily are planning to attend the ball, hoping Princess Goldie will choose one of them to marry. Scrooge wishes he could save her from this fate, which is so selfless a wish that fairy godmother (and fairy godmother in training) Mrs. Beakley and Webby show up to give him magical assistance.
  • The Girl Who Fits This Slipper: Scrooge leaves behind his gold top hat, which Goldie tries to use to find him. Though in this case there are numerous people who would be able to wear the hat... if it wasn't for the fact that it violently assaults anyone who tries to put it on other than Scrooge, regardless of hat size.
  • Visual Pun: One of the triplets fries an egg on Scrooge's forehead.
  • Wing Ding Eyes: Scroogerello and Princess Goldie's eyes sprout hearts when they first see each other.
  • Working Through the Cold: Scrooge attempts to continue with business as usual despite his illness, but Mrs. Beakley and Duckworth insist on his getting the rest he needs.

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