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This page covers the major episodes of the YouTube webisode series Dr. Crafty. Episodes from the main show and its spin-offs are grouped into pages based on their respective monthly themes (The only exceptions being the Patreon Episodes, which will be covered in their own dedicated pages, one per season they appear). The episodes shall be listed based on the order they were uploaded, with the occasional change of order based on how the story flows. This means that the spin-off segments shall sometimes be listed differently. This page will not cover announcement videos nor trailers. Beware of unmarked spoilers!


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    Season 1 
  1. Season 1 Premiere Month: The crew — consisting of only Crafty and Nurse for this season — introduces the main show and its basic format.
    • Main Show: Episodes 1-4
  2. Gaming Month: The crew creates art of some of Crafty's favorite video game characters.
    • Main Show: Episodes 5-8
  3. Fiona Frightening Month: The crew prepares some art commemorating the then-upcoming Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe.
    • Main Show: Episodes 9-12
  4. Season 1 Commission Month: The crew uses some downtime to focus on Crafty's commissions.
    • Main Show: Episodes 13-16
  5. Pokémon Month: The crew travels to world of Pokémon for artistic inspiration.
    • Main Show: Episodes 17-20
  6. HalloWinter Special Month: Despite being two months late for Halloween, the crew nonetheless holds their Halloween special in December. This month is notable for introducing Crafty's self-proclaimed arch-nemesis: Disgustilda.
    • Main Show: Episodes 21-26
    Season 2 
  1. Season 2 Premiere Month: OC commissions are the focus for this month. This month is notable for introducing Pepper, Messibelle, and their respective spin-offs: Crafty's Chara-Cafe and Crafty's Top Ten Tub.
    • Main Show: Episodes 27-30
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 1
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 1
  2. Fakémon Month: Guest Star Darksilvania comes by to assist the crew with some Fakémon designs.
    • Main Show: Episodes 31-34
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 2
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 2
  3. Nintendo Month: The crew starts working on some Nintendo-related artwork, and Crafty occasionally experiences some of his biggest flashbacks yet.
    • Main Show: Episodes 35-38
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 3
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 3
  4. Beach Month: The crew takes a vacation to get some inspiration for some summer artwork.
    • Main Show: Episodes 39-42
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 4
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 4
  5. Fighting Month: Nurse and Crafty hold debates over which character will win in four 1v1 duels. The spin-offs cover fighting game characters.
    • Main Show: Episodes 43-46
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 5
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 5
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh Month: Yami Bakura captures the Crafty Crew, putting them all in very real danger for the first time. It is up to the mysterious woman of Crafty's past to save them in a Shadow Game with Bakura. This month is notable for the main show's first multi-part Season Finale: "The Foreshadow Game." It is also notable for formally introducing Crafty's ex-girlfriend after much buildup: Sasha Infinia.
    • Main Show: Episodes 47-50
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 6
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 6
  7. Season 2 Patreon Episodes
    Season 3 
  1. Season 3 Premiere Month: Crafty regains consciousness after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh Month, and he and the crew set about improving the show's branding. This month is notable for introducing Crystelle and her spin-off, Crafty's Questionable Qloset.
    • Main Show: Episodes 51-54
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 7
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 7
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 1
  2. Valentine's Month: Love is in the air for this month's episodes, but something serious seems to be on Crafty's mind.
    • Main Show: Episodes 55-58
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 8
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 8
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 2
  3. Season 3 Commission Month: The crew once again finds some downtime to work on some commissions.
    • Main Show: Episodes 59-62
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 9
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 9
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 3
  4. Cartoon Month: A mysterious scientist solicits Bill Cipher to find something in Crafty's castle, and Bill takes great interest in infiltrating Nurse's mind. Meanwhile, the crew works on artwork that commemorates some cartoons of the early 2000s and 2010s.
    • Main Show: Episodes 63-66
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 10
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 10
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 4
  5. Disney Month: The crew decides to celebrate Disney and its various parks. While no one on the crew can visit themselves, Crafty hired a patsy to experience the parks in their stead.
    • Main Show: Episodes 67-70
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 11
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 11
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 5
  6. Hero Month: Crafty has been sent halfway across the globe and the remaining crew is captured by the mysterious scientist. To return everything to normal, Crafty must seek help from a certain class of heroes. This month is notable for the show's second multi-part Season Finale: "I Need a Hero Academia." It is also notable for formally introducing the show's main antagonists after several months of buildup: Doctor Mindstein and Screw.
    • Main Show: Episodes 71-74
    • Spin-Off Special (Chara-Cafe: Episode 12 / Top Ten Tub: Episode 12 / Questionable Qloset: Episode 6)
  7. Season 3 Patreon Episodes
    Season 4 
  1. Season 4 Premiere Month: Following the lengthy break after "I Need a Hero Academia," the Crafty Crew regroups and works on some Crafty-related pieces in honor of the show's fourth anniversary. This month is notable for introducing Stylene and her spin-off, Crafty's Shake-Up Salon.
    • Main Show: Episodes 75-78
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 13
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 13
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 7
    • Shake-Up Salon: Episode 1
  2. Season 4 Commission Month: The Crew catches up on some commissions as the anniversary celebrations die down.
    • Main Show: Episodes 79-82
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 14
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 14
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 8
    • Shake-Up Salon: Episode 2
  3. Sonic Month: As the crewmates discuss Sonic the Hedgehog, make various Sonic OCs, and worry about cringe culture, something seems to be systematically hunting them down. This month is notable for introducing a villain working under Mindstein: Metal Crafty.
    • Main Show: Episodes 83-86
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 15
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 15
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 9
    • Shake-Up Salon: Episode 3
  4. High School Month: Realizing that they need to take Mindstein more seriously, the Crew goes on a road trip to Nurse's and Crafty's old high school in hopes of understanding more about Nurse's past. Along the way, they discuss the ins and outs of high-school-related media.
    • Main Show: Episodes 87-90
    • Chara-Cafe: Episode 16
    • Top Ten Tub: Episode 16
    • Questionable Qloset: Episode 10
    • Shake-Up Salon: Episode 4


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