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"Thank you, Nurse. It means the world to me."

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season 1 
HalloWinter Special
  • After discussing Morrigan Aensland's design history in "Street Frighters," Crafty delivers a rousing, poignant speech about the general creative process. Namely, he explains that the first attempt at something is often bad, but that shouldn't discourage creators from doing what they love. After all, they can take what lessons they learn from the first attempt and fine-tune their ideas until they work. Considering many members of the Crafty community are creative minds with similar ambitions, the speech is something many needed to hear.
  • "Hocus Mansion"
    • Nurse is sought after by the newly summoned Sanderson Sisters, who wish to eat her. She keeps misunderstanding what they mean as something sexual. Crafty sees the Sisters' intent and repeatedly comes to Nurse's defense throughout the episode. Even as Nurse grows irritated with him constantly interrupting what she mistakes as a good time, he still protects her.
    • While mildly disquieting, the flashback sequence showing Crafty's first meeting with the mysterious creature (later revealed to be Sasha) is implicitly sweet. She seems to have rescued Crafty from drowning in the ocean and has brought him to shore. As Crafty comes to and looks up at the creature before him, her single visible eye within her silhouetted form implies that she's smiling at him. It's not birthed from malicious intent, but genuine joy from seeing Crafty alive. Suddenly, she darts back into the ocean to hide, and a thankful Crafty's call for her further implies that she saved his life.
      Crafty: "Wait! Where are you going? Who are... you...?"

     Season 2 
Season 2 Premiere
  • "New Season, New Friends"
    • Crafty reveals the circumstances behind Pepper's hiring. During his vacation between the first two seasons, he met her at the Fish 'n Fish... which is a seafood joint. Being a sea creature herself, Pepper feels uncomfortable preparing seafood, but because she had no other work opportunities at the time, she resigned to working there as a waitress. Being unable to unleash her full potential, in tandem with the discrimination she faced for being the only non-human worker there, made her miserable. Crafty, taking pity on her, arranged for her to become the head chef of Crafty Industries. It's something Pepper's eternally grateful for, no matter how overstimulated she gets from the Doctor's eccentricities.
    • Shortly after Pepper appears on-screen for the first time, Crafty asks the annoyed Nurse what she wants for dinner. She replies with "Calamari." Crafty, misunderstanding or ignoring the implications, muses that they can probably check the store for some later on. Note that he doesn't suggest that Pepper prepare the meal; evidently, the good doctor is very mindful of his friend's beliefs.
  • There's a brief moment in "Pros and Comms" where Messi, having viewed a certain art piece in progress, mistakenly believes she's about to be replaced—not even one episode after her debut. She sobs to herself, then to Crafty, who gently reassures her that she's here to stay; the interaction he's sharing with the other maid OC is non-canon. For that, Messi calms down and immediately returns to her work.

Nintendo Month

  • "Aqua Marina" has Crafty experience a fairly intense flashback. When he snaps out of it, he apprehensively heads out of the castle for some air. Despite spending the episode beating him up over ink puns, Nurse gingerly follows after him, taking Crafty's sudden mood change dead seriously.
  • "Legend of Lonk" formally introduces Sasha after being hinted at quite ominously for a while. It turns out she's an utter sweetheart, keeping Crafty company during his stay in the hospital. Being around him for so long gets her to laugh heartily for perhaps the first time in her life. As a bonus, when Crafty offers to bring Sasha home with him, "This is Crack(ship)" reveals she accepted the offer.

Beach Month

  • Due to the subject matter, "A MERMAID MELODY FANDUB" has Pepper at her most outwardly excited thus far, greeting the viewers with an abrupt, but incredibly happy "Hello!!" And until Crafty gets her back on track, she almost gets lost in thought reminiscing about the ocean and its creatures with the viewer. It's nice to see Pepper come out of her shell, if only for a little while.
  • In "Aquatic Characters," the idea of using the The Brady Bunch theme to summarize Fire Emblem Fates' plot was so good, that the in-universe audience gives Crafty and Messi a standing ovation.

The Foreshadow Game

  • In Part 1, when a Bakura-possessed Nurse approaches Crafty and taunts him, Crafty's totally oblivious at first. He assumes that Nurse is roleplaying... then concludes that she's coming out as a trans man and sincerely, warmly welcomes the change. While this is very clearly not the case, the fact Crafty is so supportive about it says a lot, especially after he and Nurse came to blows throughout last month.

     Season 3 
Season 3 Premiere
  • In "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped,"
    • Crafty reunites with Sasha in a dream just before he wakes up from his coma. Their meeting is not a happy one, with Crafty slamming Sasha with bitter words and Sasha desperately trying to explain herself and apologize for what she had done to him in the past. However, once the both of them have calmed down, Sasha departs Crafty with a poignant farewell:
      Sasha: "But... look at you. You’ve grown so much. Every time I see your show, seeing you create what you have... I feel a warmth in my heart knowing you’ve become a stronger person, with friends who support you... love you... Even if it meant being without me, I don’t think I can ever be forgiven for what I did. So if you can’t, I understand. I never wanted to hurt you. But I’m so, so sorry for the scars I left on your precious heart. But... if you find it in your broken heart to forgive the terrible things I’ve done to you, I swear that I will never let another wound like that ever be inflicted on you – not from me, or anyone else!"
      (Sasha pauses to let her words sink into Crafty.)
      Sasha: "...The sun’s coming up soon."
      Crafty: "Huh?"
      Sasha: "So, wake up. Have a good life. And... and maybe.. think of me... if you want. I’m always going to be thinking of you."
      Crafty: "Wait, Sasha!"
      Sasha: "And Colin...? (She whispers as she fades out of the dream.) I love you..."
      Crafty: "SASHAAAAA!!"
    • Both Nurse and Crafty apologize for how poorly they treated each other throughout Season 2. Both mutually promise to improve going forward, planting the seeds for Season 3's found family and self-improvement themes. Notably, the show does not try to elevate one party above the other—they both know they hold equal blame, and for that, they're willing to help each other grow.
      • In the introduction sequence, Nurse is the one to apologize first, after which she promises to always stay by Crafty's side. Suddenly, Crafty sincerely thanks Nurse with a big hug, pictured above. Nurse's look of sheer delight is everything.
    • Starting with this episode, Crafty tends to genuinely smile more frequently. The evil-looking smiles still appear, but the sincere grins on his face appear just as often, if not more.
  • "The Art of the Con(vention)":
    • During the first commentary segment, Messi admits to her childlike fascination with bubbles. It's somewhat unusual considering who she is, but it's also very adorable. Though slightly confused, Pepper is quite supportive of her interest, which ends up paying off in the Spin-Off Special later.
    • Comparing this episode to the Season 2 premiere shows that Nurse's negative outlook on Pepper has entirely swung in the other direction. When Pepper expresses some of her insecurities to her, Nurse warmly reminds her that she values Pepper for who she is already, and she hopes Pepper comes to value her own strengths as a person.
  • In "Hyde and Shriek," Crafty reveals his Sonic the Hedgehog OC concept to Pepper: A hedgehog who hunts down tax-evaders. She starts cringing a little as she hears more details about the character, and she eventually bursts out laughing... but it's not spiteful in the slightest. Rather, her laughter is joyful, implying that she's genuinely enamored by the idea, odd and surprisingly down-to-earth as it is. It's a pity that Crafty didn't see it that way.
  • Something similar to what happened in "Pros and Comms" happens in "Crafty Fan Characters": The moment she sees Maid-bot onscreen, Messi starts sobbing at the prospect of being replaced. Crafty reassures her again, but this time, he explicitly describes Messi as "irreplaceable."

Valentines Month

  • "Mischief Match Maker" showcases Nurse's promise to improve coming to fruition. She's not quite there yet, but the progress is noticeable.
    • When the drawings for the episode are complete, it seems Nurse is about to make a snide remark towards Crafty, just as she would do in Season 2. Just a few minutes prior, she fell back on another old habit, having finished beating up Crafty over something petty again. However, before she completes the remark, she stops herself, instead offering earnest praise for Crafty's efforts. She even offers to dance with him during their Valentine's party as the episode closes when she notices how bummed Crafty looks.
    • The fact Crafty chooses to dance with Nurse at all is quite meaningful. The episode drops hints that something about February's atmosphere bothers him deeply. To see him overcome his pain and share a loving moment with someone close to him—even if it's platonic at best—can easily warm one's heart.
    • From a meta-perspective, this is the last episode where Nurse beats up Crafty in any malicious capacity, cementing her commitment to her promise.
  • "This is Crack(ship)"
    • This is the episode that introduces Crafty's parents. In a flashback to Crafty's past, they eagerly welcome their son back from his hospital stay, and they take Sasha in without a moment's hesitation. They're utterly delighted about their son finally finding a close friend, and Crafty's mother correctly guesses that the friendship is about to be something more. Crafty would later elaborate upon them in "LoveCrafty," where he admitted they've been incredibly supportive of him from the start.
    • Nurse immediately notices Crafty's distressingly reserved behavior throughout the episode. At first, she tries focusing on the episode and its subject matter, but she eventually drops everything to address her concerns. Once all the pieces for this episode are complete, Nurse sits Crafty down for a talk. She reminds him that she and the other hostesses are here for him, and they make plans for a therapy session in the future.
  • "LoveCrafty"
    • Sasha has finally reached Crafty's castle, having traveled all the way from the other side of America to meet her him again. When Nurse, answers the door, however, Sasha gets cold feet, hurriedly handing her letter to Nurse and dashing off into the night. Nurse returns inside and Crafty puts two and two together about who Nurse just met. He rushes outside to meet Sasha, then quickly comes back. Realizing that he narrowly missed a chance to see his ex-girlfriend in person for the first time in years, Crafty suddenly lashes out on some of his belongings. Nurse tries calming him down, but Crafty just turns his aggression onto her... but only briefly. The moment he sees his friend choke up in shock and fear, Crafty immediately apologizes, agreeing with Nurse that he seriously needs to get his issues addressed.
      (Crafty comes dashing back inside.)
      Crafty: "RrrrrrAAAGH, DAMN IT ALL!!!"
      (He punches the nearby television, sending it flying.)
      Nurse: "Oh my goodness... Colin, please calm do—"
      Crafty: "NEVER call me that name! YOU DON'T GET TO—"
      (Nurse begins choking up in shock, after which Crafty instantly calms down.)
      Crafty: "Oh... Ohhhhh, dear. Nurse, I-I'm so sorry. I... I don't know what came over me..."
      Nurse: "It's okay. Clearly... there are some issues that need to be worked out. Ahem... Doctor, I think it's time we talked about this. Heart to heart. If... that is to say... you're okay with that."
      Crafty: "... Yes. I-I think you're right. Come on. Let's get started."
    • What follows is an entire episode dedicated to Crafty finally, openly discussing his withheld past with Nurse, from the depressive and suicidal thoughts that he faced in his youth, to his jubilation over Sasha being in his life, to his present-day bitterness over Sasha's sudden departure. For her part, Nurse sits back and listens attentively to Crafty's story, periodically demonstrating her empathy for Crafty, which culminates in their last exchange before the episode ends:
      Nurse: "Crafty, I’m proud of you."
      Crafty: "W-why?"
      Nurse: "It’s not easy to talk about issues that you’ve had and hard experiences you’ve faced in the past and coming to terms with them. I’m also very flattered that you could share these things with me and trust me enough to listen!"
      Crafty: "I’m... I’m grateful, too. For listening, and... for being here with me. I honestly can say that you’re exactly the kind of person I need in my life right now. So... thank you."
      Nurse, blushing: "N-no problem, Crafty! Now I’m off to my quarters! Toodles!!"
    • After Crafty's work is complete for the day, the episode cuts over to where Sasha ended up after running off. It turns out that she didn't go very far; she took refuge in a nearby cottage. And the person who owns this cottage and voluntarily takes Sasha in is Disgustilda, of all people. She's quite an emotionally supportive presence for Sasha, willing to set aside her disdain for Crafty to help Sasha reconcile with him, despite only having just met her. And before going to bed, Disgustilda makes sure her new friend is nice and comfortable in the cottage.
  • "Ad-ORC-Able!" highlights just how much support Pepper has received since joining the show—namely in the literal truckloads of Valentine's candy she's received from fans. She's unable to reciprocate their feelings, but she makes a point to enjoy all the candy she receives.
    • This time, however, she doesn't have all the candy for herself. Crafty, already feeling down this month, didn't receive any this year, so Pepper makes sure he didn't end the holiday unappreciated. She likely shared some candy to make up for sneaking some from his older stash, which she was called out for in "The Foreshadow Game." It makes the gesture feel a bit greater.
    • A Crafty Commission created two years later follows up on the idea, showing that she can absolutely make good on her promise about the candy, with the expected result. Her expression is that of pure ecstasy; it's clear that she doesn't regret her decision one bit.

Cartoon Month

  • "Socializing is Arcane":
    • As a whole, it is a very sweet episode. Crafty and Nurse Worse are cordial with each other as they discuss MLP, mutually gushing over the good parts of the franchise's fanbase.
    • Even Nurse's unsettling flashbacks are not without sweetness, from her trying to save Crafty from committing suicide to kissing him goodbye as he rests in a hospital bed. As foreshadowed in "This is Crack(ship)," it turns out the she called the hospital for help when she found him.
    • After the emotional rollercoaster that her flashbacks put her through, Nurse regains consciousness and completely loses her composure. After returning from a brief break, an immediately concerned Crafty helps make her feel better by indulging in his goofy MLP figure roleplaying with her. She perks right up and readily joins in on the silliness!
  • "Atop the 4th Door"
    • Crystelle went through the trouble of preparing snacks for her guests. Since she doesn't need to eat herself, it's very surprising she approached this notion at all. It's clear this lady loves her job and the company she gets.
    • The last question delves into Crafty's parents' backstory. They met during Woodstock when they both snuck backstage. They were mistaken for Sonny Bono and Cher, forcing them to hastily sub in for the two celebrities. Afterward, they became very close and formed a traveling band, "Skinny and Hair," before later settling down and conceiving a son.
Disney Month
  • Across the main episodes for this month, Crafty has a patsy journey through the Disney Parks in the Crew's stead. The patsy turns out to be none other than Alex Tansley himself! He's having the time of his life demonstrating the various parts of each park he enjoys (and he even has fun joking about the parts he doesn't think highly of).
  • "Disney Characters"
    • While Crafty was weirded out by Messi calling him her "father" in "Crafty Fan Characters," he's come around to the idea by this episode. It's demonstrated in a goofy, wholesome scene where he makes sure Messibelle earned her weekly allowance. In a season prior in "Pros and Comms," this is the same person who admits to being somewhat afraid of Messi due to her being a Blob Monster, and that he's only caring for her because he doesn't want her to turn on him. It's delightful to see his attitude flip in the opposite direction for his surrogate daughter.
    • Crafty has a poignant defense for why he chose Tigger for the number one spot, citing the Tigger Movie's powerful character arc as the chief reason why. The speech moves Messi to tears and likely some of the audience, as well.
  • In "I'MA VAMPIRE," after so many episodes where she struggled without one, Pepper finally gets a new oven from Crafty—his design, even. From the looks of it, it's quite a nice one with many features!

I Need a Hero Academia

  • In General:
    • Crafty and most of Class 1-A have surprisingly strong chemistry. Even Ida, while distrustful and openly critical of some of his choices, starts to warm up to him. Bakugou is the only classmate who remains outwardly malicious towards him, but even he takes Crafty's much-needed advice about how to improve his character to heart.
  • Spin-Off Special:
    • Chara-Cafe Episode 12
      • Pepper is free to be extremely wholesome with her workmates, even adopting an award system to help boost their spirits. She also lets them know right away that she greatly appreciates the time they've spent together. Best of all, this praiseful, sweet sentiment is reciprocated by all parties involved.
      • Most notably, she dedicates the final talking point of her segment to indulging Messi's love for bubbles, calling back to a moment all the way back in "The Art of the Con(vention)." She doesn't have a hint of the confusion she had when she first heard about it. She's just reminding her friend of something she enjoys during such a bleak moment of their lives. And for a brief moment, Messi is overcome with extreme glee.
    • Later on in their respective segments, Messi and Crystelle are overcome by distress for different reasons. The former misses her father, and the latter encounters a horrific vision of the future. Both times, Pepper has them rest in her lap until they feel better.
  • Part 1
    • Having recovered from Screw knocking him all the way to Japan in "Magic Kingdom Mania," Crafty's first thought upon gaining his bearings is to seek help from whoever will listen in U.A. High School. He clearly has some reservations about doing, but only because he never expected things to get this bad. Even so, he sets his fears aside and approaches the school anyway; he'll give anything to save his Crew and set things right.
    • After Crafty explains how he arrived on UA property to Class 1-A, Todoroki points out that he lacks crucial information as to why Mindstein attacked in the first place, and acting on such limited knowledge is dangerous. Recognizing Todoroki’s distrust, Crafty responds with a speech where he admits that while he may not deserve their help, his friends need rescuing, and that's all that matters to him. That show of selflessness and devotion manages to not only get Class 1-A to agree to help save the others, they also go as far as to declare him an honorary member of the class. A raucous "Plus Ultra" cheer seals the deal, enough to raise anyone's spirits.
  • Part 2
    • Crafty spends the better half of the episode's first few minutes being violently kicked around by Class 1-A, who is spending the afternoon testing his endurance. Not seeing any meaningful progress, Deku decides to settle things by testing Crafty's resolve to save Nurse and the others. He closes in with a devastating punch, fully expecting and declaring for Crafty to catch the attack if this mission means that much to him. After spending the entirety of Season 3 up to that point strengthening his rapport with his crewmates, improving himself not just for his own sake, but theirs... Crafty stands his ground and catches the punch.
      Todoroki: "... I think you got your answer, Midoriyah."
    • Crafty's flashback as he recounts some of his past to Class 1-A reveals some meaningful details behind his relationship with Nurse:
      • Sometime after Sasha deserted him, Crafty—then Colin—found himself spending every day overlooking the cliffs where they met. He'd spend an unhealthy amount of time there, and he would've been in worse condition had it not been for a stranger's help. A girl he never met saw something in him, and she decided to drop by and sit with him on the cliff almost every day. She even brought Colin blankets during colder days. She stopped visiting him after some time, but Colin is nonetheless thankful for her help.
      • Several days after the girl stopped visiting him, Colin decides to attempt suicide once again. Before he can, he hears someone's cries for help in an open grave. It's another girl, dismembered but very much alive. By that point, Colin became so fixated on saving her life that all thoughts of ending his own evaporated. In the present, he suspects that this girl is the very same as the one from before, and he later turns out to be correct.
      • Colin successfully repairs the girl. However, she seems to have developed amnesia after the process, and Colin doesn't have the heart to tell her how he found her. So he instead coins their present-day nicknames: Dr. Crafty and Nurse Worse, and he soon after conceived this very show for him and Nurse to take part in. Suddenly, it becomes abundantly clear why the two are still together despite their ups and downs. Recounting this moment galvanizes Crafty even further to set things right.
      • The whole story is enough to trigger a group hug from the Class 1-A girls. It's adorable and hilarious in its own right.
  • Part 3
    • Crafty is forced to swallow his pride and ask Disgustilda to help him regain his castle and save his friends. But when he first approaches her, Disgustilda rubs Crafty's failure in his face and reveals that he stole the castle from her. However, when she realizes that Crafty's Crewmates are in peril, she sets aside her differences with Crafty and offers to help him and Class 1-A come up with a battle plan against Mindstein.
    • After Crafty and Class 1-A retire for the night off in a nearby field as they await Disgustilda's battle plan, Disgustilda takes Sasha aside for a tough heart-to-heart. For the duration of Crafty's visit, Sasha had been hiding in Disgustilda's closet, and Disgustilda is disappointed that she spurned her big chance at reuniting with Crafty. Despite her clear dislike of him, Disgustilda praises Crafty for setting his concerns aside to help his loved ones and calls out Sasha for not following his example. Her speech ends up motivating Sasha to help with the battle plan, and Disgustilda also approaches the matter with enough nuance to retract some of her criticisms.
      (Crafty and Class 1-A have left Disgustilda's cottage. The next panel focuses on a door behind Disgustilda.)
      Disgustilda: "You can come out now, poppet."
      (Sasha exits Disgustilda’s closet, looking very ashamed.)
      Sasha: "I’m sorry… I… just couldn’t —"
      Disgustilda, pointing a finger at Sasha: "I ain’t happy with this! You’re gonna have to face that boy sooner or later!"
      Sasha: "But... I… I was scared that —"
      Disgustilda: "Scared of what?! That you’ll hurt ‘im again? Or are you really scared of bein’ hurt, if he rejects ya?!"
      Sasha: "I... no... That’s—"
      Disgustilda: "That there boy’s probably scared half to death right now. You think he’s hidin’, though? Nahhh, mate. He’s runnin’ in there, guns blazin’. I’d actually respect ‘im a little if I didn’t already hate ‘im as bloody much! And you say you love the boy! Well, if you do, you’ve got a funny way ah showin’ it, mate!"
      (Tears well up in Sasha’s eyes and she starts conceding to Disgustilda’s argument.)
      Disgustilda: "With what that lad’s tryin’ to do right now, he’ll be lucky if he makes it out alive. If I was you, lass, I’d start havin’ a good, long think about what that boy means to you. Now, if you excuse me, I got a strategy to conjure up!"
      Sasha: "W-WAIT!"
      (Disgustilda pauses.)
      Sasha: "... L-let me help you... with the battle plan. It’s the least I can do to help him."
      Disgustilda, without hesitation: "I suppose it’s for the best. If you went with him right now, it’d just be more drama. Not the time for those kinda theatrics at the moment."
      (Disgustilda flashes a thumbs up at Sasha, who looks on with eager anticipation!)
      Disgustilda: "Alright, Sasha, me girl! Let’s get this done!!"
      Sasha: "R-Right!!"
      (The two friends set right to work. Judging by her hand gestures, Sasha is already directing Disgustilda with some ideas.)
  • Part 4
    • At the start of the final confrontation, Mindstein slaps the captive Nurse once more to keep her quiet. Witnessing this, Crafty snaps, abandoning all caution and lunging for Mindstein with full intent to tear her apart. It was a foolish move, one that Ida swiftly interrupts by returning Crafty to safety, but it's yet another highlight of how much Crafty truly cares about Nurse.
    • When the Crafty Crew finally reunites after a stressful time, Messi, Crystelle, and Pepper all rush to Crafty and Nurse for a group hug. Messi and Crystelle start crying with joy, but Pepper starts bawling, wrapping everyone up in a single giant hug of her own.
      The three spin-off hosts together, tearfully: "YOU'RE OKAY!!!"

     Season 4 
Season 4 Premiere Month
  • "We're Back! A Crafty Story!"
    • While a bit impatient with her at times, Crafty is much calmer with Sasha than in "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped." The only time he grows frustrated is when she doesn't show up in his dream, but after that, he lets go of his emotions to hear Sasha out. As for the reason Sasha didn't show up in Crafty's dream, she had finally worked up the confidence to show up to him in person! She gently wakes him up out of his sleep so they can finally talk with each other face-to-face, in the flesh, for the first time in years. What follows is a conversation about the history behind the Infinium Weaponry, the Infinian race, and how Sasha managed to survive the Divinimachi, which dovetails right back into Sasha and Crafty's failed relationship. She tries to apologize for it once again, but Crafty says something that significantly eases the tension between them. His response really shows how much he's grown; he may still want closure on things, but he now wants to put other people first. The whole conversation parallels the one he and Sasha shared in "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped," but thanks to Crafty's demonstration of growth, the two old flames get to depart on much more amicable terms. And when all is said and done, Crafty moves on to kick off Season 4—not only for himself but for Sasha and his immediate loved ones, who he knows will all enjoy their time together.
      Sasha: "Colin. I'm so sorry..."
      Crafty: "Don't be. Not for that, anyway."
      Sasha: "Huh?"
      Crafty: "Whether I had this heart or not doesn't really matter when it comes to this Mindstein character. She was going to do what she did to Nurse either way. If anything, you've given me exactly what I need to protect her from that monster and put a stop to Mindstein's plans. So—at least for that—thank you."
      (Sasha blushes at Crafty's thanks, glancing away. She suddenly returns her gaze to Crafty, who has more to say.)
      Crafty: "There's just one more thing I want to know."
      Sasha: "A-Anything!"
      Crafty: "Why? Why did you leave me like you did?"
      Sasha: "You... didn't read my letter, did you?"
      (Crafty remembers that very letter in a brief flashback, right as Sasha gets up from her seat to leave.)
      Sasha: "It's okay. We're both still scared about where we stand as... 'us.'"
      Crafty: "Where are you going?"
      Sasha: "Don't worry. I'm not going far away this time. I'll still be here when you're ready—when we're both ready."
      Crafty: "Will I see you again?"
      Sasha: "That's a question only you can answer. Get well soon."
      (Sasha's voice wavers as she blushes again.)
      Sasha: "... And... um... I... can't wait for your next episode! Uh... Bye!!"
      Crafty: "Wait! Sasha!"
      (Crafty's too late; Sasha has already left the castle. He looks back in his room to find his lab coat, and in it, Sasha's letter to him. Surprisingly, he doesn't open it then and there; instead, there's a cut to him in his usual attire, making his way to the lab. He passes by the rest of the Crafty Crew.)
      Crafty: "Come on, girls! Whaddya waiting for? Can't you see we've got work to do?"
      Messi: "Work?"
      Pepper: "Now?"
      Nurse: "What're you planning to do?"
      Crafty: "Well, what do you think? It's time for Season 4, baby!"
    • As progress on the promotional artwork continues, Crafty decides to show off how his crew has been improving between seasons. He approaches the demonstration in a really eccentric way, but he's clearly proud of how far everyone has come, freely giving out praise to them and choking up a little when visiting Pepper.
  • "Happy Crafty Day!"
    • Nurse forces Crafty outside to take a nature walk, during which she and the other cohosts spend time preparing an anniversary celebration for the show. Each of them reminisces about their times with Crafty and why they appreciate him and his show despite their flaws.
      • This time, Pepper gets to recount how she and Crafty first met. Her voice alone says that she's incredibly thankful for his job offer and how encouraging he has been toward her.
      • It turns out Crafty has a habit of giving people a new purpose. He met Crystelle under somewhat similar circumstances as Pepper—only this time, she had no job to speak of. What makes their meeting so memorable for Crystelle is that, somehow, she did not see Crafty coming at all, and he came into her life at one of her lowest moments.
      • Messi looks back on how she grew up to see Crafty as a father figure, how she had trouble accepting the notion at first but came around to it anyways. She's especially attached to him because he's the reason she's alive. When Stylene scoffs at Messi about his, Messi stands by her words. She makes a point to establish how long she's been working under Crafty compared to Stylene, in turn implying just how much Messi's time with her father meant for her.
    • When Crafty finally returns home, he sees the anniversary festivities laid out before him. The sight of his coworkers' kindness moves him greatly, and it triggers a flashback to his first anniversary with Sasha, who promised to stay by his side for as long as he lived. While she failed to live up to this promise, she left Crafty something he continues to wear to this day: his green turtleneck sweater. It says a lot that Crafty's held onto this gift even after his relationship with Sasha ended on a bad note.
    • In the present-day, an overwhelmed Crafty starts sobbing in the most tender, straightforward way he's ever done on the show. His friends wordlessly surround him with a group hug. There are some interesting details in this final shot that make it all the sweeter:
      • Notably, it's implied that it is Pepper who initiates the group hug, with everyone else following her lead. She wraps Crafty into a tight embrace against her torso; the other Crewmates have to work their way around her to contribute to the hug themselves. It's quite an interesting reversal from her hug in "I Need a Hero Academia": Rather than her coworkers being slightly confused by her affection, they join her in silent solidarity. Surprisingly, that includes Stylene, who has only known Crafty for a few weeks by this point. She drops her tough-girl attitude for the first time on the show, joining Crystelle in giving Crafty concerned, but reassuring clasps on his shoulder and head, respectively.
      • After Pepper, the next closest to Crafty are Messi and Nurse. Messi makes a point to lean down for her hug so that she can nuzzle her face against Crafty's. As she does, she's visibly holding back her own tears. Nurse, meanwhile, smiles sadly to herself as she hugs Crafty, too. No doubt, she's touched that the Crews' anniversary party moved Crafty as much as it does.

Commission Month #3

  • "Dog Days" opens with Pepper still struggling by without an oven, having to compensate with pre-made foods. She drops some unsubtle hints about the issue when she presents a box of Chips Ahoy cookies to a hungry Crafty. Crafty completely misreads the hints and instead offers Pepper some earnest praise. He may be an ignoramus at times, but Crafty's heart is absolutely in the right place:
    Crafty: "These look great! I didn't know you were also a graphic designer! You made this box, too?! Unbelievable!!... You impress me more and more every day."
    • However, the truth does eventually come out by episode's end; the Detective they've created can tell that the cookies were in fact store-bought, and Pepper comes clean not only about the cookies but also the broken oven. Realizing his mistakes, Crafty whips out a literal retcon button (which looks suspiciously like a car door opener), and he uses it to make Pepper's oven indestructible. While The Dog Detective sees it as a huge waste of such potential, the fact that Crafty used it to give Pepper an easier time speaks volumes about his care and concern.
  • The second question of "ENDGAME SPOILERS" asks if Crafty keeps in touch with his parents. It turns out that he does; his parents call him after each episode airs to catch up. The accompanying cutaway gag demonstrates that they haven't lost their touch as a supporting presence in Crafty's life.

Sonic Month

  • "Let's. Get. Metal..."
    • Midway through the art commentary, Crafty gets the idea for how to beat Metal Crafty: combine his Infinium Heart's powers with Nurse's. Nurse is doubtful, but Crafty reassures her that it'll work, even calling back to an affectionate insult she directed at him to boost her spirits. There are a few other little touches in their conversation that make Crafty's reassurance extremely sweet.
      Nurse: "So, Crafty. What's our plan? How on Earth are we going to handle this... Metal Crafty? He could shut down my motor functions almost instantly, and you don't have One For All anymore!"
      Nurse and Crafty together: "Hmm..."
      Crafty: "Wait a tick. Your heart was affected by the EMP blast... but mine wasn't! Perhaps if we use our hearts together, we can circumvent the EMP blast?"
      Nurse: "I don't know. Doesn't that seem a little... dangerous? But on the other hand, we don't exactly have a bunch of options to choose from..."
      (By the time Nurse finishes speaking, Crafty has slowly made his way over to her side, with a warm grin across his face.)
      Crafty: "Nurse... No matter what happens, this 'donut dork' is going to be there for you. Right next to you. Always."
      (The duo's hearts suddenly start to glow their respective colors, and Nurse coos.)
    • Crafty's plan actually manages to work for a while, with Metal Crafty on the ropes. But what no one sees coming is when Crafty and Nurse are both teleported into a terrifying void... right in front of its sole, monstrous resident, who reaches out for them with ill intent. The friends brace themselves for the worst and reassure each other that they're not letting the other go. In doing so, they address each other by their real names, implying that they've grown close enough for that to be okay with Crafty.
    • Crystelle manages to rescue Crafty and Nurse just in time, but her spirit ends up taken by the horrifying creature from within the void, leaving behind her now vacant crystal ball head. Surprisingly enough, it's Stylene who rushes to Crystelle's aid. Immediately, she picks up the ball and hurries it away to the Qloset before she's even finished explaining what she's doing to Messi.
      Stylene: "Quick! Let's get back into her Qloset before we lose her!"
      Messi, closely following behind: "R-Right!"

  • Pepper, being such a sweet character, invites tons of heartwarming moments; her creator, Blue-Paint-Sea, greatly capitalizes on her wholesomeness:
    • One time, back when she and Pickles were working at a cafe, everything seemed to be going wrong for Pepper as she cooked. Between burning some pastries and accidentally throwing pizza dough atop her head, she eventually breaks down from the stress of her situation. She's left crying into her hands, surrounded by the mess. Pickles is very sympathetic toward his friend, and he gestures for her to look at something... And it turns out, through all the hurdles she faced, she managed to prepare the meals of the day exquisitely. The two friends smile at each other as Pepper wipes away her tears, and they exit the kitchen to serve the food; their customers look very pleased with the results. With their eagerness to eat and Pickles' support, Pepper regains her happiness and smiles—it's small but quite bright.
    • She even gets in on the "Little Pogchamp" meme. She doesn't fully understand what it is, but she has no problem offering a hug to the viewer.
    • Her Lard Lass costume for 2020's Halloween is notable for a subtle reason. Pepper occasionally drops hints of some body-image issues in the show, but here, she's dressed as a similarly-built character who is extremely confident in herself—enough to expose more of her belly than Pepper generally likes to. It's a cute costume given quite the meaningful edge.
  • Nurse Worse's final design was created by Alex's wife. With this in mind, a lot of Nurse and Crafty's positive interactions have an undercurrent of extra sweetness. In a way, the show is now about a couple enjoying their mutual hobby and sharing it with the world.


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