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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Throughout "Salt and Pepper," Crafty and Pepper continually refer to the alien design as Jupiter.. but her ring-heavy design was supposed to evoke Saturn. Post-production edits were added to address the error, whenever it came up. Yet, despite clearly making a mistake, the hosts are not entirely wrong—Jupiter does have rings; they're just not nearly as prominent as Saturn's.
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  • Approval of God: Davide Soliani, creative director of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, said on Twitter that he liked Crafty's fan-art of the game.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Alexander Tansley, the voice of Crafty, also plays the character Disgustilda until Season 4, when xthedarkone took his place.
  • The Danza: Thanks to the Given Name Reveal in Episode 50, we have Alexander Tansley voicing Colin Alexander Crafterson.
  • He Also Did: Crafty, or Alexander Tansley, is already well known for drawing the titlecards for Atop the Fourth Wall, as well as the voice of Pollo, Linkara's robot sidekick.
  • In Memoriam: A special, out-of-character episode features an art time-lapse dedicated to Alex's late younger brother.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: There used to be a subseries for the show called Dr. Crafty Quickies. They were traditional speed-art videos, with no commentary, no new host, and fewer jokes, if any. It was intended to serve as filler during production on the main series and the other spin-offs. The first set of such episodes were released during the gap between Seasons 3 and 4, but Alex later deleted them since they didn't hold many people's attention. They were also rather tedious to create and didn't give him the same satisfaction as his other works, especially since they cluttered the YouTube channel. Because fewer people watched the Quickies than the main show and its spin-offs, it is unlikely that they'll be seen again unless someone has downloaded the videos for themselves prior to their deletion.
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  • The Merch: Dr. Crafty merchandise is available on TeePublic. Much of it contains additional artwork of the show's main cast used for buttons, mugs, posters, and other memorabilia. Additionally, Alex puts up some of his fan art for the same purpose.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: A good chunk of this show's content is influenced by fan input:
    • The contents of each Chara-Cafe and Shake-Up Salon episode are voted upon by the show's Patreon patrons.
    • The Top Ten Tub has two recurring episode types in which fan-submitted content is used:
      • First introduced in Season 2 are the Original Character countdowns, which focus on Crafty and Messi giving their thoughts on a list of ten different original characters.
      • First introduced in Season 3 are the Dr. Crafty Fan Character countdowns. The top ten fan characters on each episode are inducted into the show's canon as background gag characters.
    • If Alex feels a fan's commission can have an episode built around them, then they're liable to become part of the show's seasonal Commission Months. The Top Ten Tub's Original Character countdowns take place during these months.
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    • The show has bonus episodes that serve as rewards to whoever subscribes to the highest tier on the show's Patreon page. These lucky fans have much more creative input on these episodes than the ones found in the main show.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Personal matters have forced Tansley to skip a week at one point or another. Thankfully he has the foresight to warn his fans via Twitter.
    • The HalloWinter Special Month was going to be Season 1's Halloween Month, but Hurricane Irma damaged Alex's home and forced the episodes to be delayed until December.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Throughout Seasons 1 to 3, Crafty and Disgustilda share the same voice actor, Alex Tansley. However, when Season 4 came around, Alex opted to step down from voicing Disgustilda, feeling that her replacement, xthedarkone, does a much better job capturing the character's energy.
    • Nurse Worse and the Fiona Frightening character Princess Mumma share a segment together in "Fanboy and the Furious." Both are voiced by Megami33.
    • in "Hocus Mansion," The Sanderson Sisters and the Hitchhiking Ghosts are each shared by a single voice actor.
  • Troubled Production: On his Twitter page, Alex Tansley discussed some of the hassles that came from developing Season 3's Hero Month--more specifically, the "I Need a Hero Academia" finale special. It proved to be an extremely ambitious project for Dr. Crafty's development team. However, it was also unanimously agreed that the finale was a little too indulgent. The sheer scope of "I Need a Hero Academia" made way for several unexpected issues, with some unlucky personal matters only adding to the stress. While it was a joy for the team to see "I Need a Hero Academia" come together, it also left the team feeling severely burned out. Not wanting this cycle to repeat, Tansley decided to significantly improve his management setup, both to streamline the show's development process and to keep his staff members happy and healthy.
  • The Wiki Rule: The show has a wiki here.
  • Word of God: Alex, on Twitter, claimed that anything Pepper’s creator Blue-Paint-Sea does with the character is canon to the show. Thus, tropes pertaining to Blue-Paint-Sea's art as it pertains to Dr. Crafty are covered throughout these Dr. Crafty pages.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There are a few unique cases of this trope on the show itself. Crafty has discussed his previous designs for Nurse Worse and other characters.
    • The Chara-Cafe was originally envisioned as Crafty's OC Cook-Off where Original Characters submitted by fans would be critiqued and roasted (presumably to be depicted in a more literal fashion). Not wanting to directly insult his own fans, whether they asked for it or not, Tansley decided to rework the concept. This is why the Cafe is clearly a kitchen.
    • Out of all the spin-off hosts, Messibelle received the most significant changes before she was formally introduced. Scribbled-Death's initial concept art for Messi was far more modest in execution, placing more focus on her snail-motif with her massive, slug-like lower body. Tansley played a big part in making Messi's design into what it is now. Most prominently, he gave Messi humanoid legs, but he also did more to emphasize how raunchy Messi is as a character. Her body became exaggeratedly skinny with plump assets (including a very fat butt as a nod to how bottom-heavy the original design was), her outfit was adjusted to accentuate those assets, and she was given a more expressive face with her signature heart-shaped pupils.
    • Back when Season 4 was still in production, Alex and his team considered splitting off the show's storyline segments into their own accompanying series, called Dr. Crafty Stories. They would also apply a distinct label to the thumbnails of older videos containing important plot elements, to make it easier for those invested in the story to follow along. To test the waters on this idea, "Questions and Answers" was later released, doubling as a preview to Season 4. However, this approach proved to be far too confusing for the team, so they reverted back to the original storytelling format. "Questions and Answers" became the opening of the first episode of Season 4: "We're Back! A Crafty Story!" The idea of thumbnail labels, meanwhile, was never fully put into practice; only "Magic Kingdom Mania's" thumbnail has one.
    • Season 4 was going to end on an RPG Month. However, after experiencing severe burnout from producing Hero Month in Season 3, the show's production team decided to improve its management, with the changes taking into effect midway through Season 4. Consequentially, the team was forced to scrap the original finale month for Season 4, giving the team ample time to adjust to its new work plan but leaving Season 4 with only five months instead of the usual six. On his social media, Tansley uploaded all of the completed artwork that would've been part of the month—including the main show's pieces and the Chara-Cafe's piece—after announcing the production changes.


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