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Tear Jerker / Dr. Crafty

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     Season 1 
HalloWinter Special
  • The season finale, "The Gift that Keeps on Grieving," opens with Crafty's personalized rendition of "Jack's Lament." Here, Crafty soliloquies about his concerns for the show's well-being. At first, the song is as humorous as every joke that came before it, as he riffs on his competition and YouTube overall... But suddenly, Crafty shifts gears to something genuinely somber. He drops a hint about his past, during which a cherished loved one disappeared from his life; he's never been the same sense. Despite Nurse watching on in silent awe and concern, she chooses not to discuss this bleak song with Crafty when the main show starts. Still, there's absolutely something of significance behind the song, especially since it ties into Crafty's flashbacks seen from prior episodes.

     Season 2 
Season 2 Premiere Month
  • "New Season, New Friends" introduces Pepper. Before meeting Crafty, she was already an accomplished traveling chef, having grown renowned in many circles across the globe. However, thanks to a stroke of bad luck, Pepper's latest occupation was a waitress at a seafood restaurant, with no further opportunities available at the time. Her working environment was highly uncomfortable; she was discriminated against for being the sole non-human worker on the staff. And worst of all was her moral quandary of being a sea creature serving seafood. This was also the reason she opted not to be employed as a chef there; consequentially, this also meant she couldn't play toward her strengths, which only furthered her misery. It's hard to blame her for leaving once Crafty dropped by with his offer...
The Foreshadow Game
  • In the final part, Sasha is very close to losing the shadow game. Her spirit is suddenly warped into the Crafty Crew's prison as her hold on Crafty's body loosens. When everyone rushes over to see if she's all right, she begins sobbing over failing Crafty again. That sobbing turns into wailing as a defeatist Crafty takes a moment to hit her below the belt, which Nurse rightfully calls him out for. It's more than uncomfortable to listen to due to Sasha's voice actress giving the scene her all; it's the first time in the series such intense emotions are Played for Drama.

     Season 3 
Season 3 Premiere Month
  • "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped"
    • The episode opens with a dream sequence in which Crafty and Sasha's spirits reunite out at sea. This is one of many such dreams that Crafty experienced before, but it is the first in which Sasha verbally responds to him. The first half of the ensuing conversation is surprisingly uncomfortable to sit through. Crafty acts way more bitter than usual, verbally slicing through Sasha like a knife and not letting her explain herself. It's very evident that he's hurting inside, but the way he's carrying himself in the confrontation is hurting Sasha — who already acknowledges and deeply regrets her past mistakes — even more. When the argument reaches its climax, Sasha finally explodes and gets Crafty to finally listen to her side of the story. Before she apologizes and leaves, she takes a moment to congratulate Crafty for his growth since they departed, and she subtly encourages him to stay the course and not let her stop him. As she departs, Crafty lets out one last cry of anguish, implying that, while he really needed this conversation, not all the issues between him and Sasha have been resolved. The entire scene is one of the single most important moments in the series; not only does it answer some long-standing questions about Crafty's past, but it also gives Crafty a much-needed wake-up call for how he's acted.
      Crafty: "... So... not gonna say anything like always?"
      (Sasha looks away, ashamed. Crafty finally turns to look at her.)
      Crafty: "Fine. I’ll talk, then. It’s always been the same thing, every single night for fifteen friggin’ years. We both sit here, not saying a word to one another. Then all of the sudden, you show up in my life again years later! And even then, here we are again. I guess some things never change, right?"
      Sasha: "... Colin... I—"
      Crafty: "Oh, so now you wanna chat, do you?!"
      Sasha: "... Colin, please! You don’t understand."
      Crafty: "Of course I don’t understand! You ran off without a word all those years ago, then show up out of the blue and expect me to understand?!"
      Sasha: "Colin, you were in danger. I had to—"
      Crafty: "Ohh, I see! Didn’t want someone else stabbing me in the back like you did, huh?! That’s a deed only you’re qualified to do, is that it?! So glad I understand that!"
      Sasha: "No... It’s... not like that!"
      Crafty: "Oh really now?! Seems all it takes for you to come swooping back into my life is for me to be in mortal peril!"
      Sasha: "Colin, please, listen for once!"
      Crafty: "Maybe I ought to just fall off that cliff again and see if that gets you running back, huh?!"
      Sasha: "STOP IT!!"
      (A crack of thunder sounds in the distance, and the shock of both it and Sasha’s outburst knocks Crafty flat on his back. Thankfully, he’s still on the boat. Sasha, meanwhile, has lost her composure.)
      Sasha: "This! This is why I had to leave! Because I couldn’t stop what you were doing to yourself! You almost threw your life away that day we met. And I saved you that day when no one else would. There were so many wonderful times after that. Knowing you... Being with you... Falling in love with you. All these... All these wonderful feelings and emotions I’ve never experienced before. But then... I could see what was slowly happening to you, the things you were doing to yourself. You were going to throw your life again, I wouldn’t be able to save you this time – because, it was going to be my fault..."
      (Sasha takes a moment to choke back tears.)
      Sasha: "...If I had stayed, you’d be making another stupid mistake! I was scared, Colin. In the near-infinite numbers of years I existed, I’ve... I’d never experienced fear. I didn’t know how to save you from yourself, so... I did the only thing I felt I could: I ran. I ran and did everything in my power not to turn back, no matter how much my heart was screaming at me that I should stay. And every day since, I wallowed in regret and heartache because of how much I still adore you."
      (The camera pans over to Crafty, taking in every word Sasha is saying and clearly feeling regret over snapping earlier.)
      Sasha: "But... look at you. You’ve grown so much. Every time I see your show, seeing you create what you have... I feel a warmth in my heart knowing you’ve become a stronger person, with friends who support you... love you... Even if it meant being without me, I don’t think I can ever be forgiven for what I did. So if you can’t, I understand. I never wanted to hurt you. But I’m so, so sorry for the scars I left on your precious heart. But... if you find it in your broken heart to forgive the terrible things I’ve done to you, I swear that I will never let another wound like that ever be inflicted on you – not from me, or anyone else!"
      (Sasha pauses to let her words sink into Crafty.)
      Sasha: "...The sun’s coming up soon."
      Crafty: "Huh?"
      Sasha: "So, wake up. Have a good life. And... and maybe... think of me... if you want. I’m always going to be thinking of you."
      Crafty: "Wait, Sasha!"
      Sasha: "And Colin...? (She whispers as she fades out of the dream.) I love you..."
      Crafty: "SASHAAAAA!!"
    • Meanwhile, throughout the months between "The Foreshadow Game" and "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped," Nurse has been obsessively checking in on the bedridden, comatose Crafty, hoping he’ll wake up. Everyone is becoming more nervous about her wellbeing, and it's Messi who finally speaks up about it. Through an unexpectedly insightful speech, she points out Nurse's potentially unhealthy crush on the doctor, which inevitably played a factor in her checking up on him so much until today. Nurse clarifies that she's helping Crafty as a friend first and foremost, but one look at her body language says that she knows Messi has a point.
      (As Nurse slowly makes her way towards Crafty’s bedroom, she passes by an annoyed Messibelle, who suddenly speaks up. Messi’s uncharacteristically quiet.)
      Messi: “You can’t keep doing this, Nurse.”
      Nurse: “As a Nurse, I need to ensure Crafty’s in good health."
      Messi: “That’s not what I’m talking about, and you know it.”
      Nurse: “I... I-I don’t know what you’re referring to.”
      Messi: “Come off it, already! Almost everyone here except the Doc knows that you have feelings for him. And now you find out he’s got some girlfriend that none of us ever knew about! And yet, look at you; you’ve been checking up on him every day, knowing full well that he has feelings for someone else! Doesn’t it... hurt you? Don’t you, out of all of us, feel lied and betrayed to?”
      (Nurse’s gaze shifts away from Messi’s.)
      Messi: “Shouldn’t you have given up on chasing him? If you keep doing this to yourself, it’s only gonna end in misery for you. You know that... don’t you?”
      Nurse: “Of course I do. But... What kind of friend would I be if I just... abandoned him? Right?”
      (Without another word, Nurse continues on. Messi doesn’t do anything but look on in sadness.)
Valentines Month
  • "LoveCrafty" carries an immensely somber tone from start to finish. It is here where Crafty elaborates on his backstory and his short-lived romance with Sasha.
    • On a rainy evening, the episode begins with Nurse receiving a letter from Sasha, who appears before the castle's doorstep in-person. In stark contrast to her resolve in "Crafty Hearts Re:Grouped", Sasha is noticeably hesitant to do much else beyond leaving the letter to Nurse. The sight of her drenched in rain, looking absolutely forlorn, and completely losing her composure before running off into the night is quite haunting.
    • Once Nurse returns inside, Crafty arrives to start today's episode. Before he can begin discussing his plans, he notices the letter Nurse is holding, and that it's not addressed to "Crafty", but "Colin". He immediately puts two and two together and sprints outside to catch Sasha before she disappears. Unfortunately, he's too late, leading to a startling exchange:
      (Crafty comes dashing back inside.)
      Crafty: "RrrrrrAAAGH, DAMN IT ALL!!!"
      (He punches the nearby television, sending it flying.)
      Nurse: "Oh my goodness... Colin, please calm do—"
      Crafty: "NEVER call me that name! YOU DON'T GET TO—"
      (Nurse begins choking up in shock, after which Crafty instantly calms down.)
      Crafty: "Oh... Ohhhhh, dear. Nurse, I-I'm so sorry. I... I don't know what came over me..."
      Nurse: "It's okay. Clearly... there are some issues that need to be worked out. Ahem... Doctor, I think it's time we talked about this. Heart to heart. If... that is to say... you're okay with that."
      Crafty: "... Yes. I-I think you're right. Come on. Let's get started."
    • Crafty's backstory, which is touched upon in the ensuing conversation, is quite a rough one. As a youth, he felt like an outcast among his peers; no matter what he did to stand out or reach out to others, nothing worked. The mounting failures just worsened his depression, pushing him into attempting suicide by jumping off a cliff over the sea. It's only thanks to Sasha, who was residing in the deep ocean at the time and rushed to his help the moment she saw him, that he survived.
    • The flashback in which he and Sasha become a couple is incredibly heartwarming, but it carries a bitter irony due to the relationship's Foregone Conclusion — despite everything pointing to a positive outcome, Crafty and Sasha would soon be separated. In fact, Crafty delves into his feelings on the matter before the flashback plays. His summary is dripping with resentment, regret, and confusion over Sasha's departure. Perhaps what hits the hardest is when he calls himself out on how he dealt with the breakup, even citing his earlier outburst as a microcosm of his issues. It seems his inflated ego throughout the series is just a mask for his inner turmoil...
Cartoon Month
  • Nurse is put through the wringer throughout this month. During "Socializing is Arcane" and "GEMS! Truly outrageous," Bill Cipher forces her to relive traumatic memories of her past:
    • The "Socializing Is Arcane" reveals that she witnessed Crafty's first suicide attempt up close. She was seconds away from pulling him away from the cliff before he took the plunge. Thankfully, she's still able to save him and get him to a hospital thanks to Sasha's intervention, but the experience clearly shook her. She's shaken up even more when she crosses paths with her mother, Mindstein, upon which the dream abruptly ends. Nurse, now awake and unable to remember what she had seen, breaks down and can barely get the words out as she excuses herself from the commentary session.
    • The second flashback in "GEMS! Truly Outrageous" is especially notable; it features Nurse preparing a love letter for Crafty, eagerly rushing to meet him... then stumbling in on Crafty and Sasha sharing their first kiss on the beach. At this, her excitement turns to devastation. She tears her letter apart and starts to sob, but before she can get the emotions out, Nurse remembers that her mother will be angry about her sneaking out. Unfortunately, her mother finds out, and she administers a painful punishment on Nurse which ends the memory, forcing Nurse back awake. This time, the dream is so intense that Nurse not only remembers it completely, but she suffers a panic attack:
      Nurse, in-between terrified breaths: "... I'm sorry, mother... I'm sorry, mother... I'm sor—... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm.. sorry..."
I Need a Hero Academia
  • Out of the three co-hosts during the Spin-Off Special, Messibelle is the one taking her imprisonment the hardest. Starting out, she's uncharacteristically aggressive towards her coworkers, making snippy comments and growling in frustration. When the three decide to carry on with their shows, Messi's spirits seem to lift up... only for them to come crashing back down when the Top Ten Tub episode ends with All-Might. The moment Messi calls him "everyone's favorite 'dad' character," she begins to falter. Suddenly, tears well up in her eyes, and she begins sobbing for Crafty to come back — all the while, she calls him "daddy," like a frightened and confused child. It cements her acceptance of him as her surrogate father in the most tragic way possible, and it's a strong reminder of how young and inexperienced Messi truly is despite her mature streak.
  • Part 1 ends with the imprisoned, completely helpless Nurse being forced to confront Dr. Mindstein — her abusive mother — face to face for the first time in years. They hold an extremely uncomfortable, upsetting exchange; between explanations about what she's been up to, Mindstein exerts her control over her recaptured daughter. She slaps Nurse a few times and even enables her daughter's PTSD with electrical torture, not only to erase her amnesia but to also subdue her that much further. In return, Nurse spends the scene rightfully terrified for her life, with everything she says laced with fear, confusion, and outrage. Even so, Nurse tries her hardest to stay strong and continue questioning her mother... but she finally breaks when Mindstein implicitly shows off what has become of her younger sister:
    Mindstein: "... Now that I have you back, I can finally correct this little mistake that you became. And my plans... can finally continue."
    Nurse: "Plans...? What plans...?"
    Mindstein, leaving the room: "Oh, you don't need to worry yourself with that. You won't have a mind to worry about anything, soon enough..."
    (As Mindstein exits the lab, she passes by an awaiting Screw in a doorway. As if to illustrate her mother's point, Screw blankly stares at Nurse for several uncomfortable seconds. The sisters lock eyes, with the implications of Mindstein's threat slowly dawning on Nurse... Screw finally leaves, at which point Nurse breaks down.)
    Nurse, sobbing: "Crafty... Help me... I need you...!"
  • In Part 2, Deku asks Crafty what Nurse means to him, Crafty answers with a poignant flashback.
    • Sometime after Sasha suddenly disappeared, Crafty's mental health took a massive dive. Feeling like he had no other prospects after high school, he spent the summer gazing out at sea for weeks on end. Thankfully, a girl — one he correctly assumes is Nurse — gave him food and blankets to help him through this especially trying time... But she too suddenly vanishes (through no fault of her own), and with Crafty left to his own devices, he began contemplating suicide for a second time...
    • A few days later, just before he commits his second suicide attempt, he's suddenly distracted by the sound of someone crying. It's the same girl as before, who had fallen into a grave and was somehow dismembered by her fall, yet still alive and begging for help. As Part 1 establishes, she was running away from a deeply abusive household. The sight of it gets Crafty to immediately set out to save her life. When he succeeded, all the girl could do was sob out of confusion and vague apprehension about her past. In response, Crafty gave her a new name and conceived this very show to give him and her a new purpose. He also did everything he could since then to distract her from questioning her past. Thus, it's little wonder to see why Nurse means so much to Crafty. Saving her this time would be Crafty's ultimate thanks for her indirectly saving his life, and he's determined to do so no matter what. The story triggers tears from Uraraka, Mina, Toru, and Yaoyozuru, who all suddenly embrace Crafty and promise to help him achieve his goal.
     Season 4 
Season 4 Premiere Month
  • "Happy Crafty Day"
    • The episode's ending is very sweet, but also fairly gutwrenching for a number of reasons. After finally returning home, Crafty discovers the anniversary celebration the co-hosts devised for him. Their kindness triggers a memory from his time with Sasha: their first anniversary together, where Sasha promised to be together with Crafty for as long as he's alive. For the occasion, she had bought him a green turtleneck sweater — the very same one he insists on wearing in the present day. Considering how his relationship with Sasha turned out, it's no wonder he's held onto the sweater since then.
    • Back in the present, the cohosts, unaware of what's going through Crafty's head, look on expectantly for his reaction. To their shock, Crafty starts crying. It's not in the cartoonish fashion like in past episodes — it's tender and genuine. The memory of Sasha's departure and the notion of how many friends he's acquired since then both hit Crafty hard. Without a word, the cohosts gather around him and give him a tight, reassuring group hug. Even Stylene, who by this point has only known Crafty for a few weeks, gently places her hand on his back.
  • 1up - For my younger brother is a bonus episode dedicated to Alex's younger brother, who unfortunately took his own life. Alex as himself candidly opens the episode — one can tell how hard the loss is for him through his words alone.


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