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Recap / Dinotrux S 08 E 11 Lil Dread

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Ton-Ton befriends a baby Dreadtrux.


  • Big Eater: Unlike D-Stroy's Dreadtrux, Li'l Dread seems like he'll eat just about anything, which comes in handy when the group are stranded by the tar pits; Li'l Dread can just drink the entire tar pit empty to make it save to cross.
  • Blunt "Yes"
    Skrap-It: I did good, didn't I? Didn't I?
    D-Stroy: Does he always need a "good job" and a pat on the head?
    D-Structs: Yes. Yes he does.
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  • Call-Back: With other escape routes unavailable, Ty takes the gang to the tar pit from the first episode, with his plan being to complete the half bridge they made then to get across, but the bridge gets destroyed before they can.
  • Continuity Nod: When D-Structs captures Li'l Drea, Skrap-It wonders if it's their Dreadtrux's child, as the Dreadtrux did have an egg in its first appearance. D-Structs, however, identifies Li'l Dread as being completely unrelated to their Dreadtrux.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Li'l Dread's play tackles launch Ton-Ton a significant degree.
  • Graceful in Their Element: In order to get past a minefield of explosive ore discretely, Shadow Ty is given night vision goggles. Ton-Ton admires Ty's moves as he traverses the minefield, and when he realizes Lil' Dread will only come out for him, he uses what he calls a "rideographic memory" to perfectly replicate the path Ty took through the minefield safely even though he can't actually see what it is he's avoiding.
    Dozer: He's actually doing it!
    Revvit: He does take riding very seriously.
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  • Insistent Terminology: Ton-Ton names the Dreadtrux Li'l Dread, which Revvit insists on pronouncing Little Dread, which Ton-Ton keeps calling him out on.
  • Night-Vision Goggles: Ton-Ton accidentally brings an inedible geode with his ore run, the crystals of which have light bending properties that allow them to be used to construct a pair of night vision goggles for Shadow Ty, allowing him to stealthily navigate a minfield of explosive ore without having to blow his cover by using his high beams.
  • Pet Baby Wild Animal: Lil' Dread.
  • Running Gag:
    • Ty becomes Shadow Ty yet again, with added night vision goggles. Skya makes fun of him for always making a big deal of Shadow Ty.
      Ty: Shadow Ty just got an upgrade.
      Skya:You sure love calling yourself that.
      Ty: Wouldn't you?
      Skya: No.
      Dozer: It is pretty cool.
    • Ton-Ton has been trying to pitch building a giant straw for ages. This time there's finally a situation that calls for one; Li'l Dread can use the giant straw to drink up the tar pit so the others can safely cross it.
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  • Spock Speak: Ton-Ton naming the Dreadtrux "Li'l Dread" comes into conflict with Revvit's technical way of speaking and refusal to use contractions.
    Revvit: Ton-Ton, do you have something to say to... Li'l Dread?
    Ton-Ton: Was that so hard?
    Revvit: (voice strained) It actually was.

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