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Recap / Darkwing Duck S 1 E 31 The Secret Origins Of Darkwing Duck

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In a future St. Canard, a group of schoolchildren are taken on a tour of the Darkwing Duck museum. All the artifacts though are described as coming from the TV show that only covered the "mythic" exploits of Darkwing Duck. One child who is suspiciously like Gosalyn is sure that Darkwing was real. She explodes at her friend though for her hero worship, causing the two of them to be stuck for seven hours underneath the famous seats until the old janitor (who looks very much like Drake) accidentally frees them. After hearing their arguing, he relates that Darkwing Duck was real and gives an explanation behind his lack of birth certificate through a tale of his near escape from the destruction of his planet along with his evil cousin, Negaduck.


This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Backstory Change: An In-Universe example; Darkwing originally met Launchpad and Gosalyn separately the same week, after he had already established himself as a superhero. In the story told by the janitor, Gosalyn had already established herself as a crime-fighter when Drake encountered her, and she mentored him in becoming a superhero. Darkwing inherited Launchpad's services as a sidekick from her after she suffered Mentor Occupational Hazard.
  • Almost Dead Guy: The episode puts him as the sidekick of the Masked Avenger. She falls into a vat of Cookoo Cola and gives a dying speech, inspiring Darkwing to become his own hero. Then she revives, tells Launchpad to be Darkwing's sidekick, and dies again. Then she gets up again and tells Darkwing where her lair is so he can get some equipment. The duo wait a little to see if she will get up again.
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  • Parody Episode: With the alien from dying plant origin whose parents' last action was to save him, Darkwing's tale here is set up as a Superman spoof then makes Negaduck an evil version of Supergirl.

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