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Recap / Bosch S 3 E 08

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Episode: Season 3, Episode 8
Title: "Aye Papi"
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson
Written by: Elle Johnson
Air Date: April 21, 2017
Previous: Right Play
Next: Clear Shot
Guest Starring: Paola Turbay, Paul Calderón, Arnold Vosloo, John Getz, Linda Park

"Aye Papi" is the 8th episode of the third season of Bosch.

Jerry Edgar tells his kids about when he shot and killed a guy in the previous episode. Older son Jack asks some hard questions but, before he leaves, gives his dad the medal from his science fair.


SWAT teams conduct raids on the houses of the two remaining PMCs. Crate and Barrel lead the raid on Moreno's place, while Bosch and Billets lead the raid on Dobbs's place. They find the BMW caught in the Sharkey video but no weapons. Eventually the lab techs find Sharkey's prints in the car.

Bosch follows up on the fire at the retirement home and finds out that Caffrey, the detective who investigated the murder of Marjorie Lowe, was killed.

Rick O'Shea meets Anita and tells her that with the Holland prosecution case falling apart, she needs to get a plea. Anita offers manslaughter to Holland's lawyer John Reason Fowkkes, but Fowkkes's version of a "deal" is that in exchange for dropping the charges, Holland won't bring a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.

Interim Chief Irving attends a police commission meeting. After listening to a petitioner condemning Edgar's shooting of Woodrow, the discussion of the day turns to the Koreatown Killer. One of the citizens who steps up to voice concerns is a man named Clifton Campbell, whom the audience knows is the Koreatown Killer. The KTK taunts Irving for not being able to catch the KTK.


The cops are looking for Xavi Moreno's boat. Meanwhile, Moreno and Dobbs meet. They commiserate about Woody getting killed (Xavi being angry, Dobbs blaming Woody for drawing down) before bidding each other friendly goodbyes. Later, Xavi finds his hot girlfriend stocking the boat. He tells her to take it to Baja herself and that he will meet her there.

Some uniforms arrest a guy on a bike who resembles the description of the KTK—but it isn't him.

Bosch anonymously mails his surveillance video of the Gunn murder to Scott Anderson at the Los Angeles Times. A rattled Anderson hands it over to Detective Robertson. At Hollywood station everyone agrees that the tape won't be admissible but they can use it to get the Taferos to flip on Holland.

Irving and Jun Park are shacked up in a hotel room when his phone rings with a call from the mayor but he ignores it. It was probably about TV news announcing the arrest of the false Koreatown Killer, much to the amusement of the real KTK.


Edgar, meanwhile, gets in touch with Mark Taylor, the private investigator whose prints were on Bosch's Gunn spycam. Taylor explains that he was hired by Lester Smith's wife to follow him around, as she suspected him of infidelity. When she killed him in a fit of rage after Taylor presented her with the proof, Bosch interceded to keep Taylor from being arrested. In return, he asked a favor of Taylor to bug Gunn's apartment. Taylor agrees to meet with Edgar to discuss things in person. As Edgar is about to get in his car to drive over, he's shot in the left shoulder by Moreno, shooting at him with a sniper rifle on the nearby hillside. As Edgar falls, Moreno fires again, his second shot blowing out the driver's window on Edgar's car. Edgar takes cover behind the car and calls Sgt. Mankiewicz at the station for help. Realizing where Moreno is firing, Edgar maneuvers himself so that his car's engine block is in the way, saving his life as Moreno fires one last bullet that would otherwise have hit Edgar right in the head.


  • Call-Back:
    • Sgt. Mankiewicz asks Bosch if he'd like to join some of the other old timers for a "kill party" to commemorate Edgar's line of duty shooting.
    • At the beginning of the episode Jack Edgar gives his dad his science medal. At the end, when Jerry gets shot, he tries to pick up the medal, as Moreno takes aim again.
    • Earlier in the season Bosch played a joke on Edgar in the office, laying a $20 on the ground by Edgar's desk, and claiming he would write Edgar up on an IA beef when Edgar picked it up. In the last scene of this episode Edgar sees a $100 bill on his windshield, scornfully mutters "fucking IA, Harry", and ignores it. This saves his life, as it was actually put there by Moreno as bait to lure Jerry into a vulnerable position when he picked it up.
  • The Dead Have Names: When Jerry is telling his kids about the guy he killed, Jack asks "What was his name?"
  • Dramatic Irony: The Koreatown Killer mocks Irving for not being able to catch him.
    Clifton Campbell: I'm afraid the Koreatown Killer will continue his reign of terror indefinitely until we get a new chief.
  • It Has Been an Honor: A rare villainous example. Moreno says this to Dobbs before they part ways at the docks.
  • Shout-Out: Edgar, on temporary leave, watches They Made Me a Criminal on TV.
  • Straw Character: Some strident obnoxious bearded hippie shows up at the police commission meeting to berate the LAPD for the Woody Woodrow shooting.
  • This Is Reality: Jerry Edgar responds this way when Jack asks why didn't he just shoot Woodrow in the arm, "like on TV".
  • Title Drop: Moreno's boat, the Aye Papi, is spotted in Baja.
  • Wedding Ring Removal: Teased but averted. Newly divorced Irvin Irving is still wearing his ring. He touches it before hopping into bed with Jun, but doesn't take it off.