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Recap / Bosch S 2 E 05

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Episode: Season 2, Episode 4
Title: "Gone"
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson
Written by: William N Fordes
Air Date: March 11, 2016
Previous: Who's Lucky Now
Next: Heart Attack
Guest Starring: James Ransone, Robbie Jones, Matthew Lillard, Leisha Hailey

"Gone" is the fifth episode of the second season of Bosch.

Right before Bosch and Edgar leave for Vegas, Nash visits them at Hollywood station. He says that six months back he heard Tony Allen having a heated argument in his home with a Mafia-type figure, whom he identifies as Marks.

In Vegas, Bosch and Edgar look for Layla, Allen's girlfriend, but come up empty. She seems to have skipped town. While settling in at their hotel, they receive a terrifying phone call from Maddie: she and her mother have been kidnapped. As the two partners tear out of the hotel they get a call from a Joey Marks flunky: return Rykov to them, or Maddie and Eleanor will be killed.

George Irving reports to his dad that he went looking through photos and has identified "Mo", the second person in the Arceneaux ring, as vice cop Maureen O'Grady. Later George meets Eddie, Mo, and two other corrupt cops. They tell George that they are going to be raiding a drug stash house.

Bosch and Edgar go to Eleanor's house and review the surveillance cameras. They show that Eleanor and Maddie were kidnapped by a pair of burly men who threw them in the back of a van. Bosch goes to the Clark County Jail and tells Rykov everything that's happened, and threatens to hand him back over to the mob if he doesn't cooperate. Rykov identifies the thugs as two Samoan brothers in the employ of Marks. He also tells Harry where the usual Marks gang safe house is located.

Deputy Chief Irving, who is tracking his son's phone, grows concerned, but IA tells him that they're on top of things. Eddie and Mo's gang use an SUV and a chain to rip open the door of the stash house. Gunfire is exchanged inside while George stands guard outside. They barrel back out and into the van and speed away, the drug gang shooting at their car the whole time.

Simultaneously, Bosch and Edgar find the safe house, overpower the kidnappers, and rescue Maddie and Eleanor. Eleanor begs Harry not to report the kidnapping and bring her into Marks's crosshairs, and Harry agrees but only if they go to his house in LA immediately.

Bosch sends Eleanor and Maddie to LA on a plane. At Rykov's extradition hearing the next morning, Bosch warns Marks's lawyer to keep Marks away from his family. Bosch and Edgar then drive Rykov back to LA, Rykov insisting the whole time that someone planted the gun. Rykov is held at Hollywood Station under heavy security.

Eddie and George meet O'Grady at her house. She gives George his cut of the operation. Next to arrive is...Carl Nash, who apparently is the head of the whole criminal gang. They welcome George into their circle, but there's one last thing Nash wants George to do as an initiation ritual: the "Iron Rodeo," in which he takes a ride on an oil pumpjack. As George does so, O'Grady finds the listening device in his watch. None of them notice that Irvin is sitting in his car around the corner, watching them.


  • Antenna Adjusting: Deliberately engineered by Harry to get the drop on the Samoans. He sees them watching TV, so he screws with the satellite dish. When one of them comes out to adjust it, Harry comes up behind him with a gun, then knocks him out and handcuffs him.
  • Dramatic Gun Cock: Big dramatic moment when Harry racks his shotgun as he and Edgar approach the safe house.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: A figure is seen walking down the dark, shadowy hallway of Mo's house, while all the other dirty cops hang out in the living room. He eventually steps into the light and is revealed to be Carl Nash.
  • The Infiltration: George's infiltration of what turned out to be the Carl Nash gang takes a disastrous turn when they find the bug in his watch.
  • Initiation Ceremony: George riding the oil rig is really just a ruse so O'Grady can search his clothes. Disastrously, she finds the wire.
  • It's Personal: For Harry Bosch after Joey Marks and the Vegas Mafiya kidnap his family. He promises Marks's flunky that if Eleanor and Maddie are harmed, he will kill them all.
  • Match Cut: Multiple match cuts between Mo O'Grady and Harry Bosch as they drive cars on various missions, Harry to rescue his family, Mo and the gang to rob a stash house.
  • Miss Kitty: A particularly foul-mouthed, expletive-spewing Armenian Miss Kitty, at a depressing brothel hidden in a Las Vegas apartment, tells Bosch and Edgar that she doesn't know where Layla is.
  • One-Word Title: "Gone"
  • The Reveal: Carl Nash the affable, friendly security guard at the wealthy gated community, is in fact the leader of a ring of dirty cops. And not only that, the two plot threads of the season—the Tony Allen murder and George Irving's infiltration of the ring—turn out to be only one thread, as O'Grady and Riley were the ones who carried out the Tony Allen murder.