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Recap / Bosch S 2 E 04

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Episode: Season 2, Episode 4
Title: "Who's Lucky Now?"
Directed by: Christine Moore
Written by: Tom Smuts
Air Date: March 11, 2016
Previous: Victim of the Night
Next: Gone
Guest Starring: James Ransone, Robbie Jones, Matthew Lillard, Steven Culp

"Who's Lucky Now?" is the fourth episode of the second season of Bosch.

Bosch is awakened in the early hours from Iverson of Las Vegas Metro, who reports that the fingerprints on Tony Allen's jacket have been matched to Luke Rykov. LV Metro takes Harry along on a pre-dawn raid of Rykov's house. When Harry Bosch finds a gun in a plastic bag in the tank of Rykov's toilet, he is arrested.

At Vegas police headquarters, Rykov angrily denies that the gun is his and accuses Bosch of planting it. Soon after this Bosch is shocked to find out that his ex-wife Eleanor Wish is being held in an interview room; it turns out that Eleanor got staked in the world of poker years ago by borrowing money from one of Joey Marks's loan sharks. She paid it all back, but is still shaken by getting questioned in a murder investigation. The Vegas cops force Harry to let them in on the Joey Marks investigation before they release Eleanor.

Joey Marks makes a personal visit to the motel where Harry is staying and tells him that Rykov is innocent, that he was in Vegas until 3 am. Harry discounts the testimony of Marks's own flunkies, but Marks points out that Tony Allen was his cousin (something Edgar previously discovered) and Marks wants to find his killer as much as anyone.

George Irving's Internal Affairs investigation of crooked cop Eddie Arceneaux finally reveals a co-conspirator, as Eddie introduces George to Maureen O'Grady, the woman who acted as bait to ambush Tony Allen. She makes a mysterious reference to another job that she wants George to be in on. Meanwhile, George's father Deputy Chief Irving complains to Billets that Tenzer is sending out cops to harass Rick O'Shea fundraisers with parking tickets. Irving is incensed when he gets caught in a DUI checkpoint at one of these fundraisers.

Sure enough, the gun found in Luke Rykov's toilet is the gun that killed Tony Allen. Rykov is charged with murder.

Back in LA, Harry and Edgar go to the Allens' mansion and tell Veronica Allen that an arrest has been made in her husband's murder. Carl Nash, the friendly ex-LAPD cop that runs security for the gated community, tells Harry that he thought Tony Allen might be mixed up with the mob. Right after Harry and Edgar leave, the other gate guard (who we see was O'Grady's accomplice and the one who shot Tony Allen) makes a call telling someone that "They just left." Edgar recognizes him as a cop from Hollenback Division, and speculates that he's moonlighting. Bosch and Edgar notice that a car is following them as they leave the gated community and head for downtown LA.


  • Chekhov's Gunman: The gate guard on duty alongside Nash is the triggerman who assisted O'Grady in the murder of Tony Allen.
  • Dirty Cop: A second dirty cop, as Eddie introduces George to O'Grady, and we see that the actual shooter in the Allen murder is a cop who moonlights as a security guard at Hidden Highlands.
  • Fanservice Extra: Well hello there, naked strippers in Luke Rykov's house!
  • Internal Affairs: George Irving's IA operation reveals that there is a second cop involved in Eddie Arcenaux's racket, and that cop also was the lady that helped kill Tony Allen.
  • Loan Shark: Eleanor reveals that some time ago, before she married Reggie, she borrowed $100K from one of Joey Marks's loan sharks to get herself established as a professional poker player. She says she paid it back but Harry is horrified.
  • Mafiya: Joey Marks visits Harry personally, as it's confirmed beyond doubt that Tony Allen was mixed up in his cousin's business.
  • Questioning Title?: "Who's Lucky Now?"
  • SWAT Team: LV Metro stages a full-on SWAT raid of Luke Rykov's house. Harry thinks that's excessive but Iverson says he's just jealous.
  • Three-Way Sex: When the cops burst into Luke Rykov's house he is sleeping peacefully with two naked strippers in his bed.
  • Title Drop: After "Lucky" Luke Rykov is arrested and hauled into a Vegas interrogation room, a snarky Iverson says "Who's lucky now?"