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Film / The Bell Witch Haunting

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The Bell Witch Haunting is a 2013 Found Footage Horror Film by The Asylum, a Mockbuster of An American Haunting and Paranormal Activity. The Sawyer family bought a house in Robertson County. Shortly after the purchase, their daughter starts having night terrors, their son develops an obsession with filming everything, weird things happen in the house, and people start dying.

This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Always on Duty: Officer Bungalon seems to be the only police officer ever dispatched in the film.
  • Found Footage: The film is ostensibly a compilation of footage found on various cameras found on the scene. The authorities were courteous enough to edit together the footage in the exact format for a horror film, including inserting logos for the electrocuted electrician's web broadcast.
  • Historical Domain Character: Features the Bell Witch, a well-known legend in the Tennessee region. They even bring up the Wikipedia page.
  • Hollywood Exorcism: The family brings in an unnamed priest to attempt an exorcism. He proceeds to read the rite from cue cards. It doesn't go well.
  • Neck Snap: A one-handed neck snap is performed on the priest by the possessed.
  • Sleepwalking: Par for the course for a supernatural Found Footage film, multiple family members start sleepwalking.
  • Supernatural-Proof Father: Averted. Scott experiences just as many weird activities as the rest of the family, but insists that they cannot leave because this is their house.