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Our castaway this week is...

Extremely long-running interview show broadcast on BBC Radio 4. A notable person (often a writer, scientist or someone else who doesn't usually appear on TV or radio) is interviewed about their life and work, and asked to imagine that they are to be cast away on a desert island with a record player and eight songs of their choice. Excerpts are played.

The "castaway" is also asked to select a book of their choice to take with them to the island, with The Bible (or a similar alternative such as The Talmud or The Quran) and the complete works of William Shakespeare already provided, as well as one luxury item which must be inanimate and not allow the castaway to either escape the island or receive communication from the outside (a piano being the most requested, often by guests who want to learn to play the instrument).


The series has been running since 1942 and all the surviving episodes are available on the BBC website, making it a prime candidate for Archive Binge and/or Panic.


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