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"It's a cliche, but the greatest geniuses aren't truly appreciated until they're gone. Whether Vince's own artistry is quite on the same scale as Van Gogh is debatable, but in wrestling terms he is basically a god. It's no lie that some of Vince's practices seem entirely counterproductive to the business, especially in recent times, but that doesn't undo over four decades spent reshaping his company from a regional heavyweight into a global phenomenon. Whether you agree with his methods or not, no one can argue McMahon immense passion and tireless commitment to the course, and it'll quickly become apparent that he's irreplaceable once he's gone. Those who want change now, be careful what you wish for, life will go on and WWE will forge ahead as ever, but it won't be the same without Vince at the helm."

"So, let’s say it was a Roman Reigns-John Cena promo, now somebody will have written (be it me or someone else) a version of what that could be like, and then I take that promo and based off any notes that Vince would have, I’d go to the talent.
John knows what he wants, and he has a lot of freedom since Vince trusts him. I ask them what they want to do, and maybe they want something completely different... but we would sit down and crack something out. We’d come up with a new version of the promo, I’d take it to Vince, and he would either give the okay or give us a few changes. Then I go back to talent, and then make sure the guys know what production they need.
The Vince factor is a huge part of writing
RAW and SmackDown. Even if you took Vince out of the equation, it’s an extremely difficult task to come up with new ideas, concepts and new matches for 3 hours each week. But yeah, it’s difficult writing for Vince. The prevailing goal is “Is Vince going to like this?” So, [you’re writing things going] “Will Vince gonna yell about this?”
It’s hard to know what he wants because things will change, and he’ll want changes. He’s certainly a unique character and some people like to blame Vince for all the bad stuff, I don’t know if that’s true or not. Certainly, I’ll give the devil his due: if you blame him for the bad stuff then you have to blame him for the good stuff. "


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