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Albert Nimzicki: Oh, please. We don't have the manpower or the resources to launch that kind of campaign! Not to mention that this whole cockamamie plan is dependent on a machine that no one in this world is qualified to operate!
Steve Hiller: General, I've seen these things in action and I'm well aware of their maneuvering capabilities.
Independence Day, in which Will Smith tries to convince the president that he knows how to fly an alien spaceship

"Fifth Law of Travel: All vehicles can be driven or piloted by anyone. The main character just needs to find out where the bridge or steering wheel is, as he already knows all of the controls."

So Madge, whose driving experience is crashing a car and once being in the cockpit of a 1940s plane is naturally able to drive a walking machine from several thousand years in the future that she's just been told needed years of practice to operate. Somehow I doubt this is likely. This is like Ben-Hur being able to work out how to drive a car, but even worse because at least a car has fucking wheels.

"Hello and welcome to Flying a Light Aeroplane Without Having Had Any Formal Instruction With..."
— An unusual chat show on A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Frankie: "Please! You can't kill me! I'm the only one who can fly this thing! You need me!"
"I think I can handle any moving vehicle with a little practice."

"The operation of this alien vessel is child's play to one of my intellect!"