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Last Morse code messages sent by Titanic senior wireless operator Jack Phillips, 2.17am, 15 April 1912

Deeply regret advise you Titanic sank this morning after collision with iceberg, resulting in serious loss of life. Full particulars later.
J Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the White Star Line, confirming the sinking via telegraph

"Titanic represented not so much the end of an era. Titanic represented the pause and reflection that, 'Well, maybe we're not so great as we thought we were.' But I'll tell you what: it's not gonna happen again."
Jack Eaton, Titanic historian

"We know perhaps a little better what the mystery of Titanic is all about. It's a question of steel, a question of naval architecture exceeding the limits of what the ship was designed for. That's why she sank: exceeding the limits of what she was designed for."
William Garzke, naval architect

Here is a gray lady, an elegant lady, the queen of the deep.
A sad lady, a silent lady, are you now asleep?
Can we learn from your sorrow to share?
Teach us to understand and certainly to care.
That never again will there ever be a gray lady, an elegant lady,
Slip unwillingly into the sea.
Dr. Roy Cullimore, marine biologist

The Captain stood where a Captain should
For the Law of the Sea is grim;
The Owner romped while the ship was swamped
And no law bothered him.
The Captain stood where the Captain should
When a Captain's ship goes down
But the Owner led when the women fled,
For an Owner must not drown.
The Captain sank as a man of Rank,
While his Owner turned away;
The Captain's grave was his bridge and brave,
He earned his seaman's pay.
To hold your place in the ghastly face
Of Death on the Sea at Night
Is a Seaman's job, but to flee with the mob
Is an Owner's Noble Right.
Ben Hecht, Man And Master (on the subject of Captain Smith's and Bruce Ismay's contrasting actions on the night of the sinking)

Heavenly Host: Information: the Titanic is en route from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt. The purpose of the cruise is to experience primitive cultures.
The Doctor: Titanic. Um... who... thought of the name?
Heavenly Host: Information: it was chosen as the most famous vessel of the planet Earth.
The Doctor: ... Did they tell you why it was famous?
Doctor Who, "Voyage of the Damned"

"Y'see, nothing in this life is a guarantee, which means everything you do is a gamble. That's Step 2. People put such negative connotations on gambling, because deep down... people are scared of change. Even if it means changing into something better. You have to gamble. It's a necessity. I gamble with lots of things: the mob, symbols like Harvey Dent, this place. Three of you gambled with your lives when you beat me up week after week. How'd you think that was gonna turn out? That was a bad bet. Of course, there's been worse gambles that didn't pay off. A long time ago, there was this man that built this huge boat, and he was so confident in his boat that he said not even God could sink it. Well, one thing leads to another, "another" being an iceberg, and [punches the palm of his other hand] that boat starts to sink. And he was so arrogant that he didn't put enough lifeboats on board, and... 1500 people lost their lives. He gambled with 1500 lives and lost. Still, 700 people made it out okay. That's not too bad. I guess the moral of the story is... that you can just never have enough ice for a good party."

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