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The Eurasian Union (purple) will be the successor of two great cultural ideas of Eurasian history - that of Greece and Rome (red) and that of the Chingizids (blue)... The purple colour of Eurasians combines in it also both continental traits (red), that is, self-sacrifice and the strong state and qualities of the sea (blue): economical prowess and love of freedom... The flag based on the colour that mixes red and blue... ...also represents the cultural and moral qualities of the Eurasians. Purple is the balance between innovation and the future (red) as well as tradition and culture (blue). That being said, Eurasians must also remember that spiritual growth (blue) is the most important thing in life, but is also impossible to accomplish without a material foundation (red).
Russian journalist Alexei Kryzhov giving a rather long rant on the meaning of this trope

The General: It's... purple.
The Emperor: It is power! Pure, raw.

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