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"During their first meeting, Scaramanga seems genuinely reluctant to kill Bond, despite executing his loyal female companion at the same meeting and keeping a dummy of Bond in his hall-of-mirrors. As an aside, I love that Scaramanga is completely anonymous, with nobody knowing his face, while James Bond is like an international rock star."

"As fun as the Fonzie character was (I remember, as a 12-year-old, thinking his shark jump was a hoot), the writers' need to continually "top" the Fonz's supernatural arts of seduction and mastery of the physical world, soon lent itself to all-out farce (the battle with Mork from Ork was probably the tipping point)...leading up to a superhuman challenge-over-nature for Fonzie: riding a killer bull."

"I don’t know if it is the result of television shows like Buffy, Alias and Heroes but when the show hit our screens again after a prolonged absence there seemed to be a constant need to assert that the Doctor was the greatest hero of all time... The scene atop the Pandorica where he starts screaming at an entire menagerie of enemies really gets my teeth grinding because since when has he become such a man to be feared that a fleet of warships would be afraid to take on? If I was in one of those ships I would have listened to him railing for a couple of seconds, gotten bored and blown him to smithereens..."

Deadpool: So you know you are in a comic book. Your own comic book even. And you think that gives you special protection. What? Because you are popular? Well, I've never heard of you. Your name is Gwen? I guarantee anyone who doesn't read this thinks you are Gwen Stacy. Do you know who's heard of me?! Everyone. I've had hundreds of issues. I don't know how many series. I guest appear everywhere. Comics, video games, TV shows, and lets's not forget, the highest grossing R-Rated film of all time. You however, first appeared as a back-up in Howard the Duck because they weren't sure if anyone would like you. You are the last person who can kill me.
Gwenpool: Oh god, you're right.

Thief: When we left for Summerholm, there were five heroes in our band. And we all knew going in that one of us would die to the Warlock – monsters like that don’t go easy. It couldn’t be you, because you have a mirror on the other side. Hunter was meant to be your right hand, ill-suited as he was to the role. You needed me to get into the city and to get out afterwards. That left…
William: Almorava and Simeon. Your point?
Thief: Both of them are bumblers. There was a redundancy. But how much of an impression did Conjurer make, compared to The Bard? He barely talked while she was always in the background, larger than life, drinking and badly strumming her lute.



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