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"I used to defend the show. People reviled it, like it branded comics in a bad light. But it's come full circle."

"Superheroes have always flourished in the times of greatest American adversity. In the Depression era, we were afraid of not being able to put food on the table. We were afraid of becoming involved in a great world war that would take away our freedom. In the Atomic Age, we were afraid of radiation. Now, we're afraid of terrorist attacks. And in all these eras, that's when superheroes have had their greatest resurgence."
Mark Waid, ''Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

After an extended hibernation of sorts, there's once again no escaping the gaze of Optimus Prime, Donatello or Slimer, and geeks well into their thirties and forties continue to collect Skeletors in multiple head variants. It's as if Pokemon changed us, as if we all suddenly said "wait...we actually never totally stop liking anything!"

Crashboink became a popular music style, then vanished, then resurfaced as nostalgic kitsch.

Marina: Look, I'm sure old stuff was all fine and good in its time, but times change. Old fashions grow stale, and old tech is straight up obsolete.
Pearl: Please. Everything comes back in style eventually. It's all cyclical, b.

"Everything I loved as a kid and hated as a teenager I love as an adult!"
An unnamed audience member of Krusty the Clown's new adult-oriented cable show, The Simpsons


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