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"Don't buy into the complaint about materialism during Christmas. Sure, don't max out your credit cards or use presents to buy friends, but remember, this is a celebration of the eternal God taking on a MATERIAL body. So, it's right that our holiday is marked with material things."

"I like bi-planes!"
Reader after being asked for ideas, Treehouse

Grandpa Joe: "I used to work for him, you know."
Charlie: "You did?"
Grandpa Joe: "I did."
Grandma Josephine: "He did."
Grandpa George: "He did."
Grandma Georgina: "I love grapes."

Grace Ingalls while half-asleep, Little Town on the Prairie

"Sometimes, I throw up."
Kid when asked for the opinion on a story, Ice Age: The Meltdown

Background Singers: "No, you don't say—"
Singer: "Watermelons and—"
Background Singers: "You don't say—"
Singer: "Watermelons and—"
Background Singers: "You never say—"
Singer: "Watermelons and cheese."
Background Singers: "Please try again."
Singer: "This should be a breeze... Watermelons and cheese!"

"I can rhyme again it would seem, but now my intelligence is losing its sheen. I like salad; it tastes real good. I would eat it all day if I could."
"Now, I know what it is. I wonder if Pinkie has a drink that goes fizz."
"But what if the effect still lingers? I still like salad. Does Lyra want fingers?"

"Piddle on a cow fat in the middle."
"Flapjack on the mama."
"There's a cat here with a buckle hype."
Jack Vale, Jack Vale Films, his "Nonsense" pranks

O'Brien: "Round the turbulent quick. Well, close the reverse harbour. Ankle try sound. Reset gleaming. Dinner to bug."
Sisko: "Bread the arrive seen earlier."
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Babel" (they have a virus)

Another type of forced rhyme is when the poet adds something that isn't important to the story, or may not even make any sense, just to get a rhyme into the poem. For example, if I said:
"I like kittens. I think they're silly. I have a brother. His name is Billy."
The second line has nothing to do with the first line. It was only put there to rhyme with the first line.
Unfortunately, it also creates a poem that doesn't make sense.
Poetry 4 Kids, "Forced Rhymes and How to Avoid Them"

Super Friends: I want to be your friend forever.
Robin: I want to be a modern dancer.
Super Friends: What a super weird thing to say. That came out of nowhere.

Carol: I'm going golfing. You wanna come?
Sunday: One can only stay wealthy under the exploitation of the working class.
Carol: ...What?

"Coconuts have WATER in them!"
Muffin, Bluey, "The Sleepover"