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Quotes / No Sense of Personal Space

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    Anime & Manga 
Kuroe Akaishi (internal monologue): Dude's...way too close......!
Arata Minami: I really like diet cola.
Kuroe: Like I care.

    Fan Works 
Asuka quickly stepped up to Shinji's side, taking his arm in hers, and strolled along with Kaji and Misato.

Her beloved baka was under siege by at least half a dozen of the usual Harpies, led by that bitch Tanaka. Shinji sat nervously with his back to the fence, surrounded by pretty young girls. Geek-Stooge sat next to him, staring just as nervously at the surrounding ring of girls. Luckily for him, they were ignoring him in favor of staring hungrily at Shinji. Shinji had less than a meter of space around him. Tanaka herself was leaning way into Shinji's personal space, reaching a hand out to touch his face oh no we are not having that!
Advice and Trust, chapter 6

    Video Games 
Gippal: Never been this close to a celebrity before...
Yuna: That's nice.
Gippal: I could get used to this.
Yuna: Let's not.

    Web Comics 
Pink blob: this label is sticking out. I feel compelled to be over-familiar. (tuck)
Orange blob: oh no
Webcomic Name, "Got Your Back"

    Web Video 
Yuki: You're in my personal space.
Yuno: I am your personal space!

    Western Animation 
Rarity (With Pinkie Pie poking through her overgrown mane): Oh! OH! Pinkie, what are you doing? Ah, really. Aah! You ever hear of personal space?
"SpongeBob, do you remember that talk we had about personal space?"
Squidward, SpongeBob SquarePants

Ramsey: Well, ain't you just the cutest thing! [scratches Spot under the chin]
Arlo: He likes you.
Nash: Imagine that, Ramsey! Even with your stinky face! [sidles up against Ramsey]
Ramsey: Nash! Boundaries? This [gestures around her] is my personal bubble!
Nash: Naw, that ain't your bubble! [tackles Ramsey] This is your bubble!
Butch: [arrives with a foot stomp] Nash! Get out of your sister's bubble!

Scorpia: (leaning in close to Catra) What happened to you? You're filthy! Are you okay? Do you need first aid? Do you need to be nursed tenderly back to health?
Catra: Scorpia, remember that little talk we had about personal space?
Scorpia: Oh, right. Ten-foot radius.

I love the thrill of the chase
I ignore personal space
I'll stand too close to your face
I hope we never part
Mabel from Gravity Falls singing a Song Parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" titled "Call Me Mabel"


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